Trump's Biggest Fans Are Way Ahead Of Him With The Bleach Drinking

Trump's Biggest Fans Are Way Ahead Of Him With The Bleach Drinking

Yesterday, Donald Trump, the president of the United States, suggested during a press conference that maybe COVID-19 could be cured by injecting people with UV rays or Lysol or bleach. Some people (us) reacted to this in horror. Others (you, maybe?) compared him to Jim Jones and speculated that if he suggested his followers drink bleach, they would probably do that. Although in defense of the members of Jim Jones's church, most of them were forced at gunpoint to drink the poison.

Then there were those (not us! and not actual doctors or the Lysol company!), like Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit and Joel Pollak at Breitbart, who declared that everyone who said Trump speculated on ingesting bleach as a potential cure for COVID-19 was lying, and that Trump was just "speaking generally about new information about sunlight, heat, and disinfectant killing the virus."

Here's a particularly aggravating quote from Breitbart's "fact check":

"Trump used the word 'inject,' but what he meant was using a process — which he left 'medical doctors' to define — in which patients' lungs might be cleared of the virus, given new knowledge about its response to light and other factors." You almost have to admire it. Wait. No you don't.

And as of just a few minutes ago, the president of the United States says he was being "sarcastic."

This will be sad news to those who are celebrating, who are ecstatic over Trump recommending drinking bleach to cure COVID-19, because it is something they have been doing all along.

Are they QAnon idiots? You bet they are! Since the beginning of the pandemic, QAnon people and other conspiracy theorists have been promoting "Miracle Mineral Solution" as a cure for COVID-19 and pretty much everything else in the world. Is this the stuff that turns you blue? Like Jim Bakker's silver solution? It is not. It's chlorine dioxide (otherwise known as "bleach"), a popular poison/snake oil supplement frequently touted to cure a number of ills — like autism, HIV, cancer and malaria. It will probably not surprise you to learn that people have died from taking it, on account of it being poison. It will likely also not surprise you to learn that Jim Humble, the "inventor" of MMS, is a former Scientologist who claims to be a billion-year-old alien god who arrived on Earth as part of "the space navy."

Just last week, a federal judge ordered Genesis 2, the church Humble founded to promote the use of MMS, to stop promoting it as a cure for COVID-19. (For some more background on MMS, check out our articles on Alan Keyes shilling it and on Genesis 2.)

Among those very excited about what they perceive as Trump's "endorsement" of MMS is QAnon "researcher" Jordan Sather.

One of the most censored subjects online is discussion of using chorine dioxide ("MMS"), an oxygenating disinfectant, for health reasons. Big Pharma & the fake news are shitting themselves over POTUS mentioning testing "disinfectants" on COVID. They don't want him to name what!

President Trump discussing potential COVID treatments at today's presser. "You can get light inside the body" - BIG. Also mentioned using "disinfectants" internally. Now what "disinfectant" that can kill COVID has the media attacked me mercilessly over? (chlorine dioxide)

Several of Sather's tweets have been nuked by Twitter, but he's still going on about it, as are several other adherents. It's almost as if there was some sort of correlation between being the kind of person who thinks that Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks eat babies and being the kind of person who thinks drinking bleach is a good idea.

Many of those advocating for MMS today, including Sather, claim that chlorine dioxide is safe because it is sometimes added to tap water to disinfect it...

Chlorine Dioxide is a "bleaching disinfectant" that's often added to municipal water systems to make water SAFE to drink. And here the fake news media and the "medical experts" they work with are telling you that you may die from drinking something like it. That one's a doozie

The fake media takes one part of the press briefing and blows it out of proportion with their headline of the president saying to inject ourselves with disinfectant! They are so stupid because we have been doing this for years with the Chlorine Dioxide added to our water!

However — Sola dosis facit venenum, the dose makes the poison. There are lots of things that are safe — even beneficial! — in small doses, and yet lethal in larger ones. Tylenol, for instance. Two can help a headache, a whole bottle will kill you. Or digitalis! Digitalis (foxglove) can be used to treat heart conditions or it can be used to murder people in Agatha Christie books.

It is, of course, very tempting to want to believe that there actually are super cheap "real" cures and fixes that the pharmaceutical industry is repressing in order to be able to sell more expensive ones. It's almost understandable, to a degree — in the way that a lot of conspiracy theories are often built on one truth and a thousand lies. Pharmaceutical companies are not great and they do a whole lot of crappy things in order turn a bigger profit. The irony here is that these people couldn't give one crap about the actual bad things these companies do — like jacking up the prices of life-saving medications simply because they can and keeping generics out of the market by screwing with patents — and instead decide that the bad thing they are doing is actually that they are conspiring to keep the world unaware of the healing powers of drinking bleach.

This, of course, ranks pretty low on the scale of "things dumb right-wingers are doing in the time of coronavirus." Compared with some other things they're doing, at least the only people they hurt by drinking bleach are themselves.

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