Trump's Black Friend In The Senate Not Really In Mood For His Shit Today

Wednesday, after White House Press Secretary Ivanka Huckabee lost her damn mind and told ESPN it should fire Jemele Hill for saying true things about Donald Trump's inclinations toward white supremacy, the regime sent out a picture of Trump that proved his racial transcendence once and for all. The president was sitting with South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott, the only black Republican member of the Senate, and he wasn't even wetting his mismatched suit in fear over the nearby black man. The White House referred to the senator as "Tom Scott," because names, like all words, is hard.

Anyway, they had supposedly had a good conversation, as NPR reports:

Scott's office says in the meeting with the president on Wednesday, the senator was "very very clear about the brutal history surrounding the white supremacist movement and their horrific treatment of black and other minority groups."

Scott added later to CBS that Trump "obviously reflected on what he has said [about Charlottesville], on his intentions and the perception of those comments." So that's good! Though Scott is a Republican, he's not some Ben Carson figure who lies about how he used to stab everybody and says Harriet Tubman wouldn't want to be on the $20 bill, because that would be just like slavery and thinks other black folks would be far-right wingnuts just like him if only they would let him do neurosurgery to their brains. (God, remember when Ben Carson was running for president? How fun that was!)

No, Tim Scott isn't afraid to use his position as a black Republican to speak the truth when it needs to be spoken. That awful week last year when five Dallas cops were murdered while folks were protesting the cop killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, Scott stood up on the Senate floor and MADE THEM LISTEN to his own life experiences of being a black man constantly followed by cops being and stopped by the fucking Capitol Police so many times (both as a sitting United States senator and as a congressman!) because he didn't look like he "belonged" there.

Fast forward back to this week. After Scott and Trump had their nice-nice meeting Wednesday, Trump waddled onto Air Force One on Thursday to grab pussies and kiss babies with hurricane victims in Florida, and on his return trip, he INEXPLICABLY decided to go back to his "both sides are bad" rhetoric about what happened in Charlottesville. (Remember, John Kelly, if you want to bait the president into his travel carrier and keep him away from reporters, you have to lure him inside with burnt steak and TWO scoops of ice cream.) Trump talked about the "bad dudes" on the other side, over-pronouncing "antifa" (AHN-TEE-FAH!), like he always does when he's trying out new words. (WEE-KEE-LEAKS!)

Tim Scott is not here for that shit. Not today. His office released a statement after Trump set his racist dick on fire again:

LOL! "Antifa is bad and should be condemned," Scott said, rolling his eyes (and saying something that's really not true, since the antifa folks were there to protect the peaceful counter-protesters from the white supremacist Nazis, but whatever, #GOPTalk). "BUT MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER OUR CONVERSATION ON WEDNESDAY, OR ARE YOU THE OPPOSITE OF AN ELEPHANT WHO NEVER FORGETS?" Or, more accurately:

... [W]hite supremacists have been killing and torturing black Americans for centuries. There is no realistic comparison. Period.

You know, we're not a fan of Scott's politics, but we sure do like that he's willing to lay Trump on his ass for this. "Rome wasn't built in a day," Scott said, seemingly #JustSaying that Trump's been a white supremacist his whole fucking life and everybody knows it. Baby steps, we guess.

We're anxiously awaiting Trump cabinet member Ben Carson's response to this, haha just kidding, after Charlottesville happened, Ben Carson agreed with Trump that there's "hatred and bigotry on both sides" and that Trump's comments were being "blown out of proportion."

We who are very Caucasian don't know what else to say about this, so we're just going to link to a really great black writer talking about how "Uncle Tom" is probably a bit too nice of a title for Ben Carson and be done with this post, OK?

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