Trump's Favorite 'Jesus Will Make You Rich' Lady Says No One Will Love You If You Wear A Mask

Trump's Favorite 'Jesus Will Make You Rich' Lady Says No One Will Love You If You Wear A Mask

Paula White

Paula White-Cain, Trump's number one Jesus advisor — who just so happens to be one of those Prosperity Gospel people who preach that if you give them money, Jesus will make you rich — has some really terrible COVID-19/romantic advice to share. This advice appears to be based less in an understanding of how COVID-19 is spread than in a complete lack of understanding of why people are wearing the masks in the first place.

"Don't be afraid to take off your mask, let your guard down and attract those who will love the real you :) #NoMoreMasks," she tweeted yesterday.

She's not entirely wrong. If you are an inconsiderate asshole and wish to be loved for being an inconsiderate asshole, then yes —not wearing a mask will allow people to love "the real you." Perhaps even one day, as you stand in Target berating an employee for asking you to wear a mask, you will see another jagoff screaming at a cashier. Your eyes will meet, you will see one another's bare, maskless faces and it will be love at first sight. And then you will ride off together into the sunset a Smashmouth concert. And later, in all likelihood, into an ER.

Generally speaking, I think that people who are inconsiderate assholes should be open about it so as not to waste other people's time. That being said, there is a pandemic happening and there are ways to do that without murdering anyone. Perhaps they could just get a mask that says "I don't actually care if other people live or die."

Just about an hour and a half earlier, White also announced that she had laid her hands on her phone to pray for "you" and that all of the demonic plots to "kill, steal and destroy you and all that pertains to you will be exposed and overturned in the name of Jesus."

So it's like she sells cars with bad brakes and cervical collars/full body casts. She's both praying against demons killing people and also she is trying to kill people by encouraging them not to wear masks. What is the difference between a demonic plan to kill people and Paula White giving people advice that will get them killed?

I guess I'll never really know, because she has me blocked on Twitter:

She is not the only one out there in Trumpland doling out terrible coronadvice this week. The Fox and Friends spent this morning promoting a book by former minor league baseball player Dan Venezia about how Jesus and Hydroxychloroquine saved him.

Via Fox News:

Venezia, who is now a personal trainer, wrote a book on his experience with the novel coronavirus titled "Surviving COVID-19: How Faith, Focus, Fitness, and Hydroxychloroquine Saved Me."

"Despite the ravages that COVID-19 wreaked on my body, my mind and my spirit, eventually my faith, my focus, and my fitness (with the help of hydroxychloroquine) saved me," he wrote in the book.

Speaking on "Fox & Friends," he explained that prayer helped him through the "rough ride" and said that he hopes his story "will inspire others to sort of embrace God and embrace their faith a little bit more."

There's nothing wrong with believing that your religion or your God or whoever will save or protect you from a virus. It's not what I personally believe, but whatever gets you through the day! But that doesn't mean that you should go and be irresponsible or encourage others to be irresponsible. That's not being holy, that is being an asshole.

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