Trump's Niece Hates Him As Much As Everyone Else Does, Wrote A Book About It

Trump's Niece Hates Him As Much As Everyone Else Does, Wrote A Book About It

We all hate Donald Trump, and we're stuck with him as our president. But at the very least, most of us can say we're not related to him. Unfortunately, for some people who also think he is the worst, not only is he their president, but he is also their uncle.

Mary Trump, 55, is the daughter of Trump's elder brother, Fred Trump, Jr.. She has written a book about her uncle titled Too Much And Not Enough, to be released on August 11, in which she will be dropping some heretofore unknown bombs about Uncle Donald that we will probably all gasp over and his supporters will fervently defend, because that's how this always works.

Mary Trump, it turns out, was also a primary source for that New York Times article about the Trump family's long alleged history of being cheaty grifty tax frauders.

Via The Daily Beast:

One of the most explosive revelations Mary will detail in the book, according to people familiar with the matter, is how she played a critical role helping The New York Times print startling revelations about Trump's taxes, including how he was involved in "fraudulent" tax schemes and had received more than $400 million in today's dollars from his father's real estate empire.

As she is set to outline in her book, Mary was a primary source for the paper's Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation, supplying Fred Trump Sr.'s tax returns and other highly confidential family financial documentation to the paper.

Why does Mary Trump know so much about Donald Trump's tax situation? Well, that is because of a court case she was involved in after Uncle Donald and his siblings decided to cut off medical treatment to her brother Fred III's son William, who was born with cerebral palsy, over some pettiness regarding Trump's father's will. Because it only makes sense to punish a child over something like that.

After Fred Jr.'s children brought their messy court case against the family—contesting their grandfather's will and alleging it was "procured by fraud and undue influence" on the part of Donald and his siblings—they highlighted Donald's callous treatment of family members as he, along with siblings Maryanne and Robert, cut off the medical benefits to his nephew's sick child William, who was born with cerebral palsy. The move, the family said at the time, was payback for Mary and Fred the 3rd's challenge to the will.

If it weren't for his own abject cruelty, Mary would not have known anything about Trump's tax fuckery or his father's tax fuckery, and she wouldn't be writing this book. Just goes to show you, don't be a terrible person who cuts off a child's medical benefits out of spite, because that kind of thing might just come back to bite you in the ass someday.

The fact that this book is set to be published just weeks before the Republican primary would likely be a very big deal if anyone who would vote for Trump in the first place was the kind of person who would care that Trump is a bad person or if he cheated on his taxes.

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