Trump's Not Crazy, You're Crazy, Fake Doctor Argues On Hannity's Fake Show

Trump's Not Crazy, You're Crazy, Fake Doctor Argues On Hannity's Fake Show

This is only a four-day work week, and it still sucks for Donald Trump, who is fending off multiple accounts that he's an unhinged wannabe Henry VIII but with a less stable marital life. It's unsettling for a malignant narcissist to face the hard truth, even if only in the dreaded print form he loathes, that everyone closest to him thinks he's awful. It's also more unsettling for all of us that this same person has unfettered access to our nuclear arsenal. This is where FOX's Sean Hannity performs a valuable public service. Hannity's the president's literal bedtime storyteller, always willing to tuck in Trump and his millions of viewers with soothing fantasies designed to keep the boogeyman of reality firmly in the closet with Lindsey Graham where they belong.

Hannity's guest Wednesday night was actual human person (or so she claims) Gina Loudon. Loudon, a member of Trump's media advisory board, has written a "book" (sarcasm quotes required by law) that "proves" Trump operates with a form of "super sanity, a brilliant new modification of human perception" -- no wait, that's how some crackpot described the Joker to Batman in Grant Morrison's "Arkham Asylum." What Loudon claims is actually more suspect. Dig how ignorant this lady is.

Loudon's "book" is "Mad Politics" -- also available in Kindle format but I recommend the audiobook because the performance by Teri Schnaubelt is ah-mazing. She proposes that it's not Trump who's living in "crazytown," it's all of us. Wow! What a twist ending. I feel like Nicole Kidman in The Others.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, America has been insane for decades. We've elected establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle; we've hoped for change; and we've been disappointed.

But with the election of Donald Trump, America tried something new. So we have to ask ourselves: What if Trump isn't the crazy man that the media pretends he is? What if he's actually the cure for a country who's been going mad for years?

OK, so it's the media that pretends Trump is unstable? There's really nothing at all in Trump's own words and deeds that might concern a reasonable person?

I confess I was worried that the president thinks the "Swamp" is an actual living entity with whom he's locked in a primal battle. Or that his 4 a.m. tweet praised brutal dictator Kim John Un for his "unwavering faith in him." But Loudon claims her "book" will "actually (use) science and real data and true psychological theory" to prove that we should all just let Crazy Jesus take the wheel.

This is how you know you can trust "Dr. Gina," as she insists on calling herself. She's going to use "real" data and "true" psychological theory -- none of that designer imposter stuff. That's how you know you're dealing with a "twice pedigreed Master and Ph.D."

Loudon and her blinding jewelry turn up on TV a lot to defend Trump from reality-based accusations. She was also one of those scary conservatives who appreciated Trump from the get-go rather than condemning him until he won the GOP primary and then selling their souls for Pez. She once claimed that American women aren't interested in "birth control" or even "equal pay." No, they are focused on "economic security," which is actually what the first two things are all about so who knows what's going on in her fake doctor mind. Her appearance on Hannity does prove that while Loudon wears a lot of rocks there's apparently no rock bottom for her.

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