Trump's Twitter Insults Getting Even Less Clever, Because Somehow That Was Possible

bad at tweeting

Donald, we know we are not supposed to be asking questions about your very good brain, especially since everybody, even the Democrats, says there's no dementia in it. But this is just sad:

First of all, let's address the "substance" of the tweet, if we can even call it that: Donald, you're a full of shit lying racist. Also, Donald, you killed DACA. So fuck off, asshole.

OK! All finished with the "substance"!

But really, dude? "Dicky" is all you could have come up with? In four days? Look, we like Dick Durbin a lot, but even we can insult him better than that. How about DICKLESS DURBIN? Or ... TINY DICK DURBIN! Or ... WHAT A DICK DURBIN! LOSERDICK DURBIN! DICKLICKER DURBIN! LITTLE RICHARD!

Goddammit, Trump, THE MAN'S FUCKING NAME IS DICK. This is low-hanging fruit, even for stable geniuses who know the best words. (ALL 50 OF 'EM!)

Has Trump lost the mental capacity to come up with gems like Crooked Hillary or Lyin' Ted or Liddle Bob Corker or Little Marco or Failing New York Times? Has his brain slipped further into the abyss since last week, when he called Dianne Feinstein "SNEAKY DIANNE"?

We are just wondering, because "Dicky" is some weak sauce, and we expect better from the president. Not much better, because he's a fucking moron, but come on.

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