Tucker Carlson Accuses Mitch McConnell Of 'Crushing The Weak Because He Can,' But Like In A Bad Way

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Tucker Carlson Accuses Mitch McConnell Of 'Crushing The Weak Because He Can,' But Like In A Bad Way

Don't you just hate it when you're trying like hell to make something NOT A STORY, and then your efforts to be discreet wind up featuring on Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour?

Welcome to Mitch McConnell's world, baby. Or, should we say, good afternoon to "nastiest old woman in town."

It all started when Senator Bob Dole up and died on Sunday. His widow, Liddy Dole — a former senator herself — turned to her usual crew to plan a big funeral. That crew included one Tim Unes, founder and president of Event Strategies Inc., a DC party planning company. As the New York Timesreports, Unes was a known quantity to the Dole family, having served as tour director for Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign. But there were a few things about Unes of which Mrs. Dole appears to have been unaware.

To wit, she may not have realized that Unes was recently subpoenaed by the House January 6 Select Committee for documents and testimony regarding his role in planning the coup rally.

"According to documents provided to the Select Committee, press reports, and statements by Women For America First ('WFAF'), you assisted in organizing a rally held on the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, in support of then-President Trump and his allegations of election fraud," Committee Chair Bennie Thompson wrote on September 29.

"On subsequent permitting paperwork submitted by WFAF, you were described as the 'stage manager.' The contact information in the permitting paperwork including an email address affiliated with your company, Event Strategies, Inc.," he continued. "According to press reports, those working with you and WFAF to organize the January 6th rally collectively communicated with President Trump, White House officials including chief of staff Mark Meadows, and others about the rally and other events plan to coincide with the certification of the 2020 electoral college results."

Unes appears to have testified some time shortly thereafter.

Mrs. Dole failed to grok that her old buddy Tim was under a cloud, but Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell knew that allowing him to be associated with the event would associate Dole with the insurrectionists. So his people made a discreet call to her people, and Unes got the axe. So far, so DC.

But then the Times got ahold of the story, which meant that Carlson got ahold of it. And that guy gets moody as hell since he got the COVID shot and grew boobies!

Now technically Mitch McConnell is the Republican leader of the United States Senate. But in real life — and everyone in Washington knows this — on the issues that matter, Mitch McConnell is an instrument of the Left.

Uh oh, must be Shark Week.

McConnell knew that Tim Unes had helped organize Donald Trump’s political rally in Washington this January. There was nothing illegal or immoral about doing that. If anything it’s a constitutionally protected behavior, it is organizing a political rally. It is why we have the Bill of Rights.

But the partisan lunatics on the January 6th committee don’t acknowledge the Bill of Rights and they objected to this, and then Mitch McConnell aggressively took their side as he has from the very beginning. So, McConnell then convinced the Dole family to cancel Tim Unes’s contract and disinvite him from the funeral.

Does BILL OF RIGHTS protect the right to overthrow the government? And not for nothing, but there was clearly some jiggery pokery going on with those permits.

Then McConnell made sure the story made the New York Times, and when he did that he knew perfectly well that a piece like this would completely destroy Tim Unes’s life, which unfortunately it definitely will. It will mean no more corporate clients, no more income for Tim Unes.

So even by Mitch McConnell’s usual standards of viciousness, and in Washington he's known as the nastiest old woman in town, this was an incredibly cruel thing to do. It was crushing the weak on behalf of the strong, and for no real reason, simply because he could and doesn't like Trump.


First these assholes make us side with Liz Cheney, and now Mitch McConnell and Liddy Dole?

Okay, first of all, Mitch McConnell did Liddy Dole a favor by pointing out that Mommybloggers like us were going to write a mean story about the Insurrectionist Party Planner Sending Bob Dole Off In Style, and maybe she didn't need the headache. Second, Mrs. Dole fired Unes, not McConnell. Third, doesn't McConnell have a First Amendment right to say, "Hey, sorry your husband died, but perhaps don't court drama by associating yourself with someone who may be called to testify publicly about this whole riot thing?" And doesn't Mrs. Dole have a First Amendment right to say, "Thanks, for the heads up, Mitch," and then choose not to associate with Unes? Isn't that part of BILL OF RIGHTS?

And finally, LOL forever at the idea that Tim Unes is going to be eating from a dumpster because he didn't get to plan Bob Dole's funeral. There have been exactly zero negative consequences for people associated with this attempted coup. In fact, they seem to be raking in the bucks right and left from the grifters, and the only Republican getting tossed out of MAGA world is Mike Pence, because he refused to either go along with the coup or let Unes's party guests hang him.

Let them fight dot gif.

[NYT / Joe My God]

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