Tucker Has Idea For Biden Judicial Picks, It Is WHAT ABOUT SOME WHITE MEN?

Y'all remember Tucker Carlson's sneering racism toward the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson, one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees in American history? In the mindset of guys like Tucker Carlson, Black women like Jackson, whose dry cleaning Tucker is not fit to pick up — and he's not young or pretty enough to be her pool boy — are diversity hires, and can never be as qualified as white men.

He wanted to see her LSAT scores. (Which tell you nothing about a legal mind, and no self-respecting law student or lawyer discusses them. Tucker was questioning whether Jackson should have been allowed to study law in the first place.) He pretended he couldn't pronounce her name. And so on and so forth, it was just a whole bunch of his masculinity and racism issues, all rolled in to one neat package.

Tucker Having Racist Inadequacy Issues About Ketanji Brown Jackson Nomination, Surprise!

He was back at it last night. Not about Jackson, but about Joe Biden's judicial nominees in general. Joe Biden acts like he is making the federal judiciary look like America? Well Tucker would like to point out this statistic from a far-right white Claremont Institute loser, which selectively points out that there are only FIVE WHITE MEN among Joe Biden's confirmed federal judges and 22 BLACK WOMEN. That is reverse discrimination and critical race theorizing, probably! That's not Tucker's America!

Oh, he is so furious. He calls it "race-based hiring." Says it's "illegal." Says it is NOT about "looking like America," but rather about "punishing people." And again, the underlying suggestion that these nominees couldn't possibly be as qualified as the white men getting passed over.

Here's the tweet Tucker's citing from the Claremont dork. Look at this trolling white supremacist shit:

We are quite certain that guy's unsourced statistics are rock solid. (There's a whole thread, by the way. The author asks that you read it and send it to your favorite white liberal and say whiny ass white grievance victimization politics about anti-white discrimination to them.)

Oh, Tucker babbled and he babbled and he babbled.

So Michael Steele, former chair of the RNC, who is a Black man, stuffed Little Lord Fishstick in a locker.

Indeed, is it "race-based hiring" and "illegal" and "punishing people" when white racist presidents hire pretty much only white men? Or in Tucker's world is that just called the good old days?

Literally everybody has a factcheck for Milky McMilquetoast here. Newsweek cites reporting from the American Bar Association that found that after Ketanji Brown's confirmation, there were 1,409 sitting Article III federal judges in America. Four percent of them (59) were Black women.

Here's a tweet with some similar info:

Mediaite reports that overall, 69 percent of federal judges are white, while white people are only 58 percent of the population. That leaves about 30 percent for all judges of color. Men make up 62 percent of judges, but fewer than half of the population is men.

SO PERHAPS it's not that Joe Biden is discriminating against the kinds of mediocre, unqualified white men Tucker is always going to bat for. PERHAPS it's that first of all, those mediocre white men might not actually be as qualified as they've always assumed they are. And PERHAPS Biden is trying to work to get those numbers to a place that really does more like America — like he fucking says he is — which means he's going to have to nominate a whole lot more Black women judges, to get the percentages up from a measly 4.5 percent.

In other Tucker news, he weighed in last night on Sam Smith's and Kim Petras's Grammys performance, as we so hoped he would. You know, speaking of that puberty yelp Michael Steele was talking about.

"Tonight's transgender Satanism brought to you by Pfizer! Inject their products into your body! It's so great!"

It is, Tucker. It really is.

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