Tucker Reveals Ashli Babbitt Just Girl Scout Who Tried To Sell Thin Mints At Wrong House

The big reveal happened last night, the one we've all been waiting for ever since Barely Speaker Kevin McCarthy struck a blow for transparency by giving all the January 6 footage to the publicall journalists Tucker Carlson. And what truths were exposed when Tucker pulled back the curtain? Oh just that he is a full-of-shit liar.

Surprise, the guy who actively and knowingly lies to his viewers is actively and knowingly lying to his viewers, and the guy who has been defending the January 6 terrorists as peaceful senior citizen touristssince the beginning is defending the January 6 terrorists as peaceful senior citizen tourists.

Here is a tweet we saw last night that was good.

"I was just listening to a history podcast with my 12-year-old son about the near-immediate attempts by disgraced Confederates after the Civil War to recast secession as a righteous undertaking and themselves as martyrs.  I\u2019ll bet if I show him this video he\u2019ll make a connection."

Indeed, in the clip embedded there, Tucker says that "no honest person can deny" that the 2020 election was a "grave betrayal of American democracy" now that we know what we know now. We cannot imagine what he's talking about, since no evidence has ever emerged that the election was anything but free and fair. Maybe he's just pissed that the terrorists who sought to overthrow the American government didn't win.

Tucker lied and said it was unclear what really happened to Ashli Babbitt, but stated unequivocally that she was "murdered" by a Capitol Police officer. Tucker said there were "no security cameras" near where she was killed. To be clear, there are multiple video clips of the killing of Ashli Babbitt, who was part of the terrorist mob that tried to storm the Speaker's Lobby in the US Capitol, where members of Congress were trying to flee to safety from the terrorists who came to murder them that day. Based on all evidence, the Capitol Police and Justice Department determined that there was nothing improper about the shooting that killed Babbitt, a terrorist.

Tucker lied and said a "small percentage" of the terrorists were "hooligans" who "committed vandalism," but showed selective video and claimed that the majority of the terrorists were "peaceful, orderly and meek." Meek, he said. That's a Bible word about who's gonna inherit the earth!

"These were not insurrectionists, they were sightseers," he lied like Republican Congressman and fellow seditionist Andrew Clyde has lied. He said, "they're not destroying the Capitol, they obviously revere the Capitol," and spoke approvingly of the "neat little lines" they arranged themselves in.

Tucker lied and said — in the process of lying about QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley — that the House January 6 Select Committee hid the video footage Speaker Kevin gave him from the lawyers of accused January 6 terrorists. Nope nope nope nope nope. Tucker's lying. (It should be noted that Chansley freely pleaded guilty.)

In one very funny section, Tucker was very sorely offended that everybody has made fun of seditionist Josh Hawley for running away from the terrorists he helped incite. Everybody laughed and laughed and laughed. Everybody is still laughing. But Tucker said THAT VIDEO IS A LIE and HE IS THE WAY AND THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE about what REALLY HAPPENED ON JANUARY 6.

Let's watch that Hawley video again, for funsies:


Nikki McCann Ramirez wrote up the whole sordid episode for Rolling Stone. We're sure others have too.

It's remarkable what they're still willing to put on Fox News, even now that we know for sure how aware they are behind the scenes that they're lying to people. We guess Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and Rupert Murdoch are fine with this.

We highly doubt there is even one person in America who thought January 6 was a terrorist attack yesterday, but now because of Tucker's new January 6 Director's Cut thinks differently. We all get what this is.

And considering how Tucker and his team have been sifting through January 6 footage for a month now, we are quite sure that whatever Tucker came up with last night, that was him blowing his load. There's not some kind of second act coming that's any more exciting than the first.

However! That doesn't mean we should just roll our eyes at it. We would do well to remember this warning from Greg Sargent a few weeks ago:

However Carlson seeks to deceive, Democrats should be ready to invite in news organizations and fact-checkers to view context and visual information that conveys the full truth, on a case-by-case basis. [...]

Notably, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has been priming the base to think big things are afoot, tweeting that McCarthy’s decision means “the video tapes are coming.” The goal might be to create the impression that the official story of Jan. 6 is about to collapse. Following this, even nothingburger footage will be hyped by right-wing media as damning. [...]

Whatever depiction of Jan. 6 that Carlson airs likely won’t stop there. Expect it to become the party-wide message, repeated by scores of Republicans and right-wing media as a scandal of epic or even historic proportions.

Amid such supercharged information warfare, Americans’ memory of the Jan. 6 hearings can’t be relied upon to help them sort everything out. Carlson and Republicans know this. Democrats should, too.

And look, right on cue:

He is, of course, still babbling this morning.

And that's why the end of this article will be a reminder that Ashli Babbitt was a terrorist. All the other people who invaded the Capitol at Donald Trump's incitement in order to overthrow the election he lost were terrorists. We were alive on January 6, and we watched it unfold on TV. So did you. We know what those people did. (By the way, y'all should really read the statement from the family of fallen Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick in response to this.)

Fuck Tucker Carlson. He knows what he's doing.

[Washington Post]

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