This Is Just Like What They Did To The Tutsis, Said Tucker About MSNBC Being Mean To White People

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This Is Just Like What They Did To The Tutsis, Said Tucker About MSNBC Being Mean To White People

If it seems like every morning this week it's been "Time For Your Morning Tucker!" you're not wrong, but sweet Jesus, y'all, just look at that headline. He has been ON ONE.

He was ON ONE yesterday when he was shrieking about Michelle Obama's thighs and asking "Where's George Floyd when you need him?" He was ON ONE the day before when he was seething that his fellow white man wasn't adequately learning the real lessons of the Tyre Nichols murder, which is that Black cops make us less safe. And seething that people cared about Tyre Nichols but not about the police shooting of white domestic-terrorist-in-progress Ashli Babbitt.

From Michelle Obama's Thighs To 'Where's George Floyd When You Need Him,' Tucker Is Losing HIS MIND

Tucker And Pals So Mad Nobody Will Admit Black Cops Who Murdered Tyre Nichols Were Black Cops Who Were Black

Clearly all of these things have something in common.

And now we have this.

TUCKER CARLSON: Now no one ever says it out loud,

They sure don't.

which is kind of weird because it's impossible not to notice that a lot of major news organizations, NBC News, all of a sudden sound like Hutu radio, openly advocating race hate.

Is that who's doing that, though?

It's particularly true on MSNBC, as we've noted, and we're going to do it again now, watch.

Tucker played a clip of Black people on MSNBC openly suggesting that white people should be subject to criticism. They said things like how white people actually should take responsibility for things like institutional racism. Joy Reid said Joy Reid words!

This, by the way, is not the first time Tucker has started screaming and accusing Black MSNBC hosts of doing the Rwandan genocide to white people, by subjecting white people to mild criticism.

Then he came back:

So, bottom line — and we used to know this — you can't attack people, whole groups of people on the basis of their race and ethnicity. Not in the media, especially, because of its reach. That's completely irresponsible and immoral and ultimately can have very bad effects.

Just like this one time in history that Tucker definitely knows a lot about, which he will now teach to his viewers:

In July of 1993, radio broadcast in Kigali, Rwanda, openly attacked and demonized a tribe called the Tutsis on ethnic grounds, just like MSNBC.

Just like MSNBC, attacking Tucker's "tribe."

Less than a year later, Tutsis were dragged from their homes and hacked to death with machetes. It was the most horrifying genocide of our age.

Tucker saw the movie.

What do we even say about this crap anymore? We could have a historical discussion about the Rwandan genocide, Hutus, and the Tutsis, but we feel like that would be entirely missing the point, because we're pretty sure Tucker knows he's full of shit. His white-hot white supremacist feelings might be genuine, but we think this is just part of his propaganda strategy to brainwash his viewers, the same way he teaches them how to look at the world like a Russian.

Do we think the average David Duke fan boy who tunes in to Tucker has any serious opinions or desire to understand geopolitics with Russia and Ukraine? No, and that's why they're really open to Tucker just vomiting Vladimir Putin's exact foreign beliefs up their butts.

In 2022, Tucker Blazed New Trails For Putin's Propaganda And Incited New Levels Of Anti-LGBTQ+ Hatred

Russian Media Just LOVING Tucker Carlson's Coverage Of Great Satan America's Attacks On Pipelines!

Is there any correlation between MSNBC hosts talking about institutional racism in America and the factors that led to the Rwandan genocide? Of course not, but Tucker's viewers don't know much about no history lessons. So they're open to receiving them from their worldly imaginary son Tucker.

Last night, Tucker also claimed that Canada is a dictatorship, and asked if we should liberate it. He was trying to be clever and funny, but it was full of his usual seething resentments. For instance, he dripped with rage, asking that if we're so-called liberating Ukraine from big bad Russia, shouldn't we be liberating the people who live under the dictatorship next door? And he couldn't resist letting his simpering Little Man Syndrome take over, making jokes that we guess made him feel better, about how Canada is so weak that we wouldn't even need the armed forces to liberate Canada. "You're flattering yourself!" said Tucker, his voice going into its soprano register on the second syllable of "flattering."

You can watch it if you want, it's dumb.

By any stretch of the imagination, is Canada a dictatorship? Of course not. But again, his viewers don't know that. These people are cultural shut-ins. The furthest they get is the Cracker Barrel on the other side of town and quite frankly, it makes them uncomfortable, because last time Paw couldn't find the bathroom and Junior got the Chinese checkers stuck in his nose again and they're just gonna stick with the Cracker Barrel by their house from now on.

We think part of how Tucker's propaganda works is that he fills his lonely viewers with such bizarre moron beliefs that when they state them out loud, it just serves to isolate them more and more from all the normal people they know, probably including their own families and kids. It could make them bizarrely double down on trusting him.

The other 80 percent of society probably looks at them REAL funny when they try to contribute to the conversation by saying "Canada is a dictatorship!" and "That Joy Reid on MSNBC is just like what they did to the Tutsis!" But they saw it on Tucker, and Tucker is a nice smart white boy and would not lie to them. That's why they tune in each and every night to learn new things. They're not brainwashed, YOU ARE BRAINWASHED. He grooms them in this way, so their minds are wide open when it's time for him to look at the camera and say shit like this:

"Has Putin ever called me a racist? Has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him? Has he shipped every middle-class job in my town to Russia? Did he manufacture a worldwide pandemic that wrecked my business and kept me indoors for two years? Is he teaching my children to embrace racial discrimination? Is he making fentanyl? Is he trying to snuff out Christianity? Does he eat dogs?"

Somebody who studies propaganda and active measures should do a deep dive into how Tucker does this with his viewers.

It's be mighty interesting, we reckon.

[Media Matters]

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