Tucker Carlson Giddy Over Teargassing Of 'Secessionist' Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

Tucker Carlson Giddy Over Teargassing Of 'Secessionist' Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

On Wednesday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler went out to talk to protesters in his city ... and was subsequently tear-gassed by the federal agents currently occupying it. Wheeler later decried the use of "urban warfare" against Portland citizens and said the tactic was an "egregious overreaction," noting, "I can tell you with 100 percent honesty, I saw nothing which provoked this response."

Ted Wheeler is certainly not perfect and many of those protesting in Portland have their issues with him as well — and Wheeler, for his part, appears to understand that. He also understands that the federal agents going around scaring the crap out of all of those people have got to go.

Via The New York Times:

But the Democratic mayor, 57, has also long been the target of Portland protesters infuriated by the city police's own use of tear gas, which was persistent until a federal judge ordered the city to use it only when there was a safety issue. As Mr. Wheeler went through the crowd, some threw objects in his direction and others called for his resignation, chanting, "Tear Gas Teddy."

Mr. Wheeler joined the crowd at the front of the protest, against a barrier around the federal courthouse. As a first volley of tear gas wafted over them, Mr. Wheeler stayed put, watching the actions of federal agents.

After another large wave of tear gas sent Mr. Wheeler away from the scene, some protesters mocked him, asking how it felt. Mr. Wheeler said that joining the protesters at the front of the line was just one way he was going to try to rid the city of the federal tactical teams.

"A lot of these people hate my guts," Mr. Wheeler said in an interview, looking around at the crowd. But he said they were unified in wanting federal officers gone.

There are many takes one could potentially have on an incident like this. Tucker Carlson's take last night was that it was absolutely hilarious.

There are few things quite as unsettling as Tucker Swanson McNear Alabaster Carlson giddily talking about a person getting teargassed by federal agents, but we're gonna take a look anyway.

"He was handed a list of demands by the angry children, and then he was teargassed by federal law enforcement!" Carlson said with the kind of impish glee one rarely hears along with the words "teargassed by federal law enforcement!"

Carlson also brought on newly minted SPLC-designated extremist Stephen Miller to discuss the incident, asking him if there was any way the federal government could "strip" Ted Wheeler of his bodyguards (which are almost definitely not funded with federal tax dollars), and then assumed his traditional "confused Labrador" before listening to to Miller's response.

Miller said:

That's a really great question, certainly worth looking at. But I will make this point — the Democratic Party, for a long time, historically, has been the party of secession. What you're seeing today is the Democratic Party returning to its roots. These are mayors and governors that are saying 'the federal law, the US Constitution, doesn't apply within the confines of our city, and our citizens will be held at the mercy of the mob. And the administration of justice, the federal courthouse, will be allowed to fall under siege.' And that's what's happening now in Portland.

Miller then directed viewers at home to click on a link to a very important article that subsequently turned out to be a video of Rik Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Because our government is now run by internet trolls.

Carlson wasn't the only Fox News personality to address the situation with Ted Wheeler last night; Hannity also brought it up — with special guest Donald J. Trump, where the two mocked the mayor for listening to his constituents.

Via Business Insider:

Trump called out Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, during an interview on Sean Hannity's Fox News show Thursday night.

Commenting on Wheeler speaking at the protest Wednesday night, where he was booed, Trump said: "He made a fool out of himself."

Wheeler has been criticized in the city for failing to address the violent measures used by Portland's local police in previous protests.

"He wanted to be among the people, so he went into the crowd and so they knocked the hell out of him, so that was the end of him," Trump said Thursday. "So that was pretty pathetic."

Wow, just imagine being criticized by people — and then ... listening to them! Like some kind of woman, probably. No, it is definitely better to pretend all of your failings are actually victories, and that way, no one will ever be able to tell that you've fucked up.

Again, Wheeler's handling of the protests has not been ideal — the former Republican shouldn't have ever allowed the police in his city to tear gas protesters to begin with — but he's going out to listen to people, rather than running down to the White House bunker to hide, and that seems an extremely not "pathetic" thing to do.

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