Tucker Carlson Returns With Fewer Advertisers And More Evil Abortion Lies!

Earlier this month, mere days after a racist lunatic in El Paso gunned down a bunch of people in a Walmart because he was mad about immigration, Tucker Carlson proclaimed that it was a "hoax" that white supremacy was any kind of serious problem in this country.

Conveniently, he left on "vacation" the day after. Fox claimed that this vacation was "previously planned" and had absolutely nothing to do with the massive backlash to his saying something so incredibly ignorant. Whether it was "previously planned" or not, Fox probably still hoped that by the time he returned, his advertisers would have forgotten all about it.

That did not happen! In between the time when Tucker Carlson lol'ed at the idea that an ideology that is clearly killing a whole lot of people and getting more and more prevalent (thanks to Tucker Carlson) is some kind of problem, he lost multiple advertisers — including Long John Silver's, which pulled all of it's advertising on Fox entirely.

In other news, Long John Silver's still exists, a fact that they helpfully point out on their actual website.

Long John Silver's

Good for them! I applaud them for turning down an advertising opportunity when it is obvious, even to them, that no one is sure about whether or not they still exist. Of course, ceasing advertising on Fox News sure is an effective and inexpensive way to get some good PR. Advertisers take note!

Also leaving Tucker were HelloFresh, Nestle, SteinMart, Calm and SoFi. Imagine being so terrible that even Nestle says no thanks!

At the rate this is going, Fox better hope that the MyPillow guy has some seriously deep pockets. And I'm not so sure that's going to be the case, because it's not actually that good of a pillow. In fact, I would say that in terms of the pillows currently available for purchase at Bed Bath & Beyond, the MyPillow ranks just above the discount pillows, but well below the mid-range $40 pillows.

I may have gone pillow shopping this weekend and tested it out. For science.

Still, Tucker made it back last night. And he decided to use that time to specifically point out that "botched abortions" — by which he meant abortions in which a child was "born alive" and then left to die for no reason other than abject cruelty, which is not a real thing that happens — probably kill even more human beings than mass shootings do. He doesn't know for sure, but he thinks that might be the case. And if that's true, then that means that you should be more mad at doctors for letting all these innocent babies die than at Tucker Carlson for inciting the kind of hatred against immigrants that makes people go out and shoot up a Walmart. It's just math!

Transcript via Media Matters:

Most U.S. states don't even require the collection of data on botched abortions. So it's almost certain that there are dozens or even hundreds of other cases happening in the rest of the country. We don't know that, but it seems obvious. If that's true, that would make botched abortions more common than deaths from mass shootings. Think about that for a minute. In a sane society this would be a national scandal. America is allowing late-term abortion but some of the victims are inconveniently surviving. You would think we would at least want to know how often this happens and do our best to ensure that the survivors are kept alive, but no. Currently that is not the case at all for the Democratic Party.

That is definitely some logic, the thing we don't know being obvious, and if true, meaning an entirely other thing must be true if the first one is, which seems obvious but we don't know. Regardless, let us state it as all the facts!

The belief that there are babies out there who "survive" late term abortions and are then just left to die is, of course, absolutely absurd. No one is having an abortion just because they want to kill a baby for funsies. There are absolutely protocols in place for when a child survives an induced labor. The thing is, that really only happens when the fetus is not viable in the first place.

It is segments like this and, you know, pretending white supremacy isn't a problem while actively promoting white supremacy, that have led to Carlson losing more than 70 advertisers since December of last year. He's now down to only 15. The best chance we have to fight hate and misinformation like this is to make it unprofitable, so let's keep voting with our feet and voting with our dollars until Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson goes on "vacation" for good.

[Media Matters]

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