Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller Has A New Outrage: Black People Voting

The Daily Caller's star race baiter, Matthew Boyle, has finally hit it out of the park, you guys. He has found some super nefarious shit: Black people voting, aiyeeeeee! Let's follow the link together, to the tireless Boyle's words of peace and wisdom. What's it say?

“Hoodie Rally at Marshall Park at 6 pm today,” Cotham tweeted. “Crowd building, people wearing shirts in honor of Trayvon Martin.”

According to Cotham’s Twitter account, “Hoodie Rally” attendees were “registering to vote” on the scene.

And ... that's pretty much it? Find out why this is the most terrible thing since Olestra, after the jump!

Uh ... um ... well, certainly not because the GOP and its handmaidens at the Daily Caller have been on a tear to make it harder for the poor, the elderly, and minorities to vote. That's not why at all. We would guess it is something "uncivil" like "politicizing" the tragic death of a young man. But wouldn't the Daily Caller agree that it's better for angry black folk to take it out in ballots, not bullets? Well, probably not, really, as that would deprive their base of the zombie race war for which they've industriously been stocking up, in Wyoming.

[Fuck You, Daily Caller]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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