Tucker Feeling Threatened By Black Woman Who Is Vice President Again, We Guess

We guess this was bound to happen, that at some point racist white Republicans would decide it was time to try to get another birther thing going against Vice President Kamala Harris. They tried during the campaign, when batshit Trump coup lawyer John Eastman wrote a roundly mocked column for Newsweek suggesting that Harris wasn't eligible to serve because of some racist reasons he made up.

Maybe now that CNN is declaring Harris's vice presidency dead, the deplorables think it's time to strike, so Tucker Carlson (of course) advanced a theory last night: that Harris isn't really American because she went to high school in the exotic land of Canada. You know, because her mom got a job in Montreal when Harris was 12, in the mid 1970s, around the same time Tucker's mom was abandoning their family.

"The one thing we know for sure about Kamala Harris is we should all be very, very grateful to have her because she's historic for reasons that no one ever explains," Carlson said sarcastically of the first woman, the first woman of color, the first South Asian and first Black American to hold the vice presidency.

"But there's a lot we don't know about Kamala Harris. Most people probably don't know she really grew up in Canada, where she went to high school," he said. "She's not from this country in that sense, or she's certainly also from Canada."

"Why haven't we heard that?" he added.

Like Harris has been hiding her secret Canadian past or something, like a common Ted Cruz. It couldn't be that literally anybody curious about this information could have looked it up, in newspapers.

Tucker had other things to say, though. The chyron in the video above is "Kamala Harris always wanted power," which is clearly about a lot more than just "Canada." Because Tucker's show is the unofficial TV home base for white supremacist men whose wives are in the other room not having sex with them tonight or any other night, you can see how that chyron was written to play on their insecurities about their own shortcomings.

So of course Tucker moved into a discussion of Harris's dating history:


"By the way, how did someone who clearly is not liked by the people around her and clearly isn't very good at her job, get so high up?"

What is Tucker saying there? It is so hard to decipher!

Oh wait, no it's not, because he immediately started talking about Harris dating Willie Brown. This is one of the most enduring misogynistic conspiracy theories about Harris, that she only got where she got because she was sleeping with Willie Brown. But Tucker needs to know more, apparently:

"We know Willie Brown is not the only powerful person she dated," said Carlson. "And this is pretty interesting. We're not exactly sure what to make of it, but it turns out that Kamala Harris also dated the tabloid TV show host Montel Williams, who was always doing shows about people's weird sex lives."

Oh golly, did Kamala Harris also become vice president only because of her short time dating Montel Williams? Is that what the thing is here? Or is Tucker just conspiratorially talking about a Black woman having a dating life before she got married, and assuming his viewers are loser white supremacist enough be mad about it? Hey, you know who didn't date Willie Brown or Montel Williams? Tucker's white male viewers!

After once again questioning how "Kamala" is pronounced ...

If you can't pronounce "Kamala," you are a level of stupid we cannot even comprehend. But Tucker can pronounce it, he's just being a white supremacist.

Carlson asked, "So what was that relationship like? What did Montel Williams think of it?"

The host said he'd "love" to speak with him about it.

"So we would love to talk with Montel Williams about his torrid relationship with 'Kam-uh-la' or 'Kah-muh-lah' because that might be one of those blanks we'd like to fill in," said Carlson, not specific who the "we" consists of. "Anyway, he is always welcome on the show."

We're sure Tucker would like Montel to do what he's asking, but that ain't gonna happen.

As HuffPost explains, Tucker has done the Canadian smear on Vice President Harris, and he was into the birther shit against Harris before John Eastman even started grunting his full frontals into that chicken. And he's said the Willie Brown stuff before. And he always pretends he can't figure out how her very complicated six-letter name is pronounced.

So we don't want you coming out of this blog post thinking Tucker had a new thought or something.

Mostly we want you to remember that mean joke we made about Tucker's mom abandoning him, because damn.

[HuffPo / Mediaite]

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