Tucker Freaking Out About Liberals Sterilizing Him Or Something

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Tucker Freaking Out About Liberals Sterilizing Him Or Something

Tucker and Laura Ingraham had a discussion last night. It got real weird, as you might imagine. Tucker started talking about low testosterone and his fears of sterilization and ... yeah, we're just gonna nod along here to whatever Tucker is saying and pretend a psychologist wouldn't have a damn field day with it.

We pick up in the middle of the conversation, because that's where the Media Matters transcript picks up:

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): And Tucker, I want to get to some other stories that speak of some of the erosion of our basic freedoms. In the United States, we haven't seen yet the -- the type of -- kind of brutal enforcement of kind of a medical dictatorship that you're beginning to see in France. In -- in France, they're -- police are now going table-to-table to these outdoor restaurants, checking for people's health passes. I think you and I were mocked last year for saying that this was what the left ultimately wanted to happen -- have happen here. Do you agree that that's ultimately what they would prefer to happen here?

TUCKER CARLSON (GUEST): Well, of -- I mean, of course. But I mean, you -- you wonder why would it stop with COVID? I mean, why not HIV patients or people with hepatitis or any transmissible disease? I mean, right? There's a principle here, which is that your health status has to remain private. The government doesn't have a right to force you to take medicine you don't want or need and that you have a right to keep private, you know, your own health condition. And when we give that up, I mean, you're sort of -- you're looking at a brand new country.
And I -- the French are fighting back against this, you know. I don't think their testosterone levels have been lowered to quite the levels of ours by bad food or whatever.

OK, Tucker.

TUCKER: But there are definitely huge numbers of people who are -- are pushing back against this in the form of -- of protest nationwide in France. You're not seeing that here. You wonder how far they can go before people say, you know, "I'm not against vaccines, I obviously want to get COVID under control, but I -- you can't force me to take a medicine I don't want. If you can do that, why can't you sterilize me or lobotom -- what can't you do to me if you own my body?"

There goes Tucker, worried about the liberals sterilizing him. Yep.

TUCKER: That's a totally fair question, why is no one asking it?

Oh totally normal, Tucker, you bet. Your body, your choice, your balls, your apparent fears about your balls, allegedly.

It's sad because we imagine Tucker imagines other people really are thinking these things.

This has been a blog post about something or another.

[Media Matters]

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