Tucker's 14-Minute Boner Infomercial For Putin's Russia Was Kinda Weird Last Night

Last night, Tucker Carlson had another of his weird segments where he's on Russia's side and not on America's side, and he says all this OUT LOUD. He especially does not understand why we would support Ukraine, a democracy, when there is an authoritarian white ethnostate right next door that wants to destroy Ukraine that we could support instead. Tucker is "totally confused" lately (GOLDEN RETRIEVER FACE DOT GIF) why Ukraine would be our ally, and not Russia.

This is generally agreed upon in American foreign policy, some weird shit during the Trump years notwithstanding. But Tucker is still confused, which is what led him last night to make his little piggy face into a sneer and call GOP Senator Joni Ernst a "child" who "has no idea what she's talking about, but keeps talking anyway."

No, really:

Obviously all this happened after yesterday's big bilateral video meeting between President Joe Biden and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, which was apparently pretty testy.

As the clip above continues, Tucker mocks Ernst for saying we will defend Ukraine, asking "what happens if we don't defend Ukraine, Joni Ernst? Will kids in Des Moines grow up speaking Russian?" Tucker concluded that Ernst, GOP Senator Roger Wicker, and Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff are all reading the same talking points, which were paid for by Ukraine's lobbying campaigns in America, cough cough nudge nudge HUNTER BIDEN.

Seriously, these are words that were said last night on Fox News, the GOP's primary propaganda organ, by its top rated host, about GOP senators.

The full clip is even more batshit. Tucker baselessly claimed America is trying to instigate a war against Russia, a completely blameless nation that's simply involved in a minor "border dispute" with Ukraine. (Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and stole large swaths of its land and has been occupying it ever since. "Border dispute.") Tucker said poor sweet Putin "just wants to keep his border safe."

Tucker doesn't think Ukraine should be allowed to join NATO, comparing it to a scenario where Mexico and Canada became "satellites" of China. He said the "neocons" who advise Biden support it, just like they support "every sinister and stupid idea," but he also lambasted Mike Pompeo and GOP Senator Rob Portman for supporting the very sinister, stupid idea. He declared that "At this point, NATO exists primarily to torment Vladimir Putin, who, whatever his many faults, has no intention of invading Western Europe." And you know what? Tucker's probably right that Putin doesn't intend to invade Western Europe. Countries with economies the size of Italy that are basically gas station truck stops where the fountain sodas taste like shit and the condom machines are broken don't tend to make plans to invade countries thousands of miles away.

Here, watch Tucker's 14-minute infomercial for buying timeshares on Vladimir Putin's taint. In case you can't watch it, Fox News helpfully printed Tucker's pro-Kremlin propaganda right here.


Of course, Tucker is lying or stupid, as usual, when he suggests that President Biden, Joni Ernst, Adam Schiff, Roger Wicker, or any others are trying to start a hot war with Russia. They are indeed trying to keep Russia from invading Ukraine. Biden reportedly told Putin yesterday that there would be serious consequences for Russia if they did.

But Tucker doesn't side with actual Americans on this. Putin is spreading propaganda saying he's not doing anything aggressive toward Ukraine right now, but simply responding to being provoked by Ukraine, the US, and NATO. Tucker seemingly agrees with Putin's propaganda, and his monologue last night was full of many more conspiracy theories that would make the Kremlin proud.

Makes you wonder what kind of active measures Russia's got going these days and how far into rightwing media they've spread.

Apropos of nothing, here's Newsmax magazine's new Christmas issue:


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