Tucker Says Poor Put-Upon White Capitol Terrorists Were Just Trying To Ask Congress Some Questions

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Tucker Says Poor Put-Upon White Capitol Terrorists Were Just Trying To Ask Congress Some Questions

When you think of media promoters of Donald Trump's Big Lie that he won an election he actually lost like an embarrassing loser with no pants on, Tucker Carlson probably isn't the worst offender that comes to mind. (For once!) Tucker is terrible, obviously, but he's usually too busy telling impressionable old people lies about vaccines (here's his latest!), and getting the heebie jeebies every time there's a gay man smarter and stronger and better than he is, and the rest is white supremacist bullshit.

You know, Tucker stuff.

But one thing Tucker has consistently been pushing from the start is that the terrorists who attacked the US Capitol on January 6 were just good old white Americans, and that any effort to hold them accountable is an attack on YOU, the typical Tucker Carlson viewer, you hear that? Joe Biden and the liberals are attacking YOU.

Last night, in his efforts to defend those terrorists, Tucker really tried Trump's Big Lie on for size, in his own very special white power way. It happened on "Fox News Primetime" with Will Cain, and oh boy, Tucker just had a lot to say, starting with how the Capitol attack wasn't an "insurrection," but rather a "melee."

And he went on from there:

TUCKER: These are people who thought the election was stolen. They had some evidence to support that view.

They didn't.

It was not a free and fair election.

It was literally the free-est, fairest and most secure election in US history.

You don't have to believe that the voting machines were rigged to look at 2020 and say, 'That wasn't fair.'

Because the white supremacists didn't win? Is that what made it unfair, Tucker?

No, Tucker didn't say that. Instead, he spread conspiracy theories about mail-in voting and the mean media "shut[ting] down negative stories about one guy and highlight[ing] stories about the other," concluding, with zero proffered evidence, that "of COURSE there was massive fraud!"

(Fun related story: Remember when that washed up hick Texas GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick offered a bounty for anybody who could find him some proof of voter fraud, and his Democratic counterpart in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, immediately started trolling him with a handful of fraud cases from Pennsylvania, all of which involved Trump voters? Anyway, Patrick has officially paid his first bounty. Surprise, it was a Trump voter doing fraud in Pennsylvania. Ayup.)

Back to shitbrain:

Whether they swung the election you can argue

If you're an idiot, or just a liar.

but these people had a reason to be frustrated.

Again, a white supremacist reason?

Democracy, which they really believed in, turned out to be kind of fake.

Democracy turned out to be fake? How so, Tucker?

So rather than answer their questions or reassure them that our system is real, we throw them in jail?

Yes, because when terrorists attack the US Capitol, we treat them like terrorists, not preschoolers.

If people committed crimes, actual crimes, broke statutes, defaced the property, assaulted cops, whatever, of course, punish them. We should punish rioters. I said that for a year as we let Black Lives Matter destroy some of our biggest cities and no one was ever punished for it!

Tucker is fine with it when it's Black people, we guess.

But you should never punish someone for expressing his political views, period. And above all, in a democracy, you have to answer people's questions!

And those people were Just Asking Questions, unlike the Black Lives Matter people, who didn't have any questions or concerns Tucker could possibly hear. And if those Capitol terrorists' questions happened to be "HANG MIKE PENCE!" and they had stun guns and pepper spray and American flags they used as battering rams and clubs and they murdered Capitol cops, that's all fine, we guess, as long as they looked like typical Tucker Carlson viewers.

As Tucker finished his babble-rant, he said some word salad about "tech monopolies act[ing] in concert with the Democratic Party to shut down the other side," and it was giant wanking motion go fuck yourself.

If you want to watch it all, click over to Mediaite for the video.

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