Tucker Still On His 'You're Either With The Terrorists Or You're Against Us!' Bender

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Tucker Still On His 'You're Either With The Terrorists Or You're Against Us!' Bender

Here comes Tucker Carlson, host of the TV show "So You Want To Be A Terrorist Sympathizer?" (ALLEGEDLY.) It's a really popular Fox News show with bitter white racists who've been brainwashed the past several decades to believe all their failings in life are the fault of other races and people who make less money than they do. And ever since the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the US Capitol, Tucker has been working overtime to make sure his viewers don't believe their lying eyes about what happened that day, while also teaching them to have sympathy for the insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol to "take their country back" or whatever.

It's vile, even for Tucker.

And Wednesday night, he took another stab at it.

The clip you will see below begins with Tucker bitching that people have been framing the January 6 terrorist attack in racial terms, just because Donald Trump's fascist Big Lie that incited the attack, the Big Lie that he won an election he lost, is at its heart a white supremacist lie. They don't actually believe there was "fraud" in the voting. They believe cities full of Black people voted in droves for Joe Biden and against their white supremacist Dear Leader, and because those Black voters outnumbered the MAGA racists, they believe their votes should be invalidated. It's really that simple.

The terrorists who attacked the Capitol, for the most part, are white supremacists. And white supremacists looooooove them some Tucker, dunno why.

TUCKER: There's a reason that within hours Democrats began describing the riot as a racial attack. It was confusing to hear that at first, if you watched it and knew what happened, we were completely confused! Awful as it was, there was nothing racial about what happened that day. Claiming otherwise is absurd, it's a fantasy, IT'S A LIE!

It's a wonder Tucker delivers these soliloquies without coughing up a burning cross, he gets so mad.

TUCKER: "White nationalist insurrection." Again, it was awful. It was NOT THAT.

It was that.

We're confused, though. Why would branding the Capitol attack as a white supremacist insurrection automatically expand the net of suspects to include Tucker and his viewers? Ohhhhhhhh.

TUCKER: If what happened on January 6 was a riot, and it was, then we can arrest the rioters and punish them, and we should. If what happened on January 6 was an insurrection, however, if it was a failed revolution, an attempted coup, then it's something else entirely.

It was an insurrection by an insurgent faction, a domestic terrorist attack incited for months by Donald Trump, his Elite Strike Force legal team, elected Republicans and rightwing media, who goosed them continually with the Big Lie that Trump won an election he lost, and they were there that day to try to overthrow our democracy. Also to assassinate congressmen and the vice president.

So yes, it was something else entirely, Tucker. That's the point.

Tucker went on to say that THEY are calling for a "new war against our own population," by which we guess he meant white people. He played a clip of former CIA officer Robert Grenier talking about how after 9/11, they went after Al Qaeda, but they also went after the Taliban that hosted Al Qaeda and protected Al Qaeda and defended Al Qaeda. Kinda like what Tucker's doing vis a vis the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol. Grenier said we probably need something similar here.

And that, quite frankly, seems to worry Tucker something fierce.

TUCKER: Hunt them down like Al Qaeda. And to be completely clear, we are not overstating this. We are not hysterical. We're just close listeners. By "them" [Grenier] means Americans who were nowhere near the Capitol on January 6, had no role in what happened that day, and didn't support it. That's the assessment from a former CIA official who spent years hunting Al Qaeda in the Middle East.

And when Tucker says "didn't support it," he means didn't support the fictional thing that happened on January 6 that was a mere riot committed by some bad apples, as opposed to the insurgent terrorist network that tried to overthrow American democracy in service of Donald Trump.

But no, pants-shitting Tucker viewers, if you are not part of the white supremacist insurgent network that attacked the Capitol, or if you aren't giving them material assistance, they're not coming for you. Now change your Depends.

Tucker finished by reminding his viewers that any attack on white supremacist domestic terrorists is an attack on HIM and THEM, which says more about him and them than it says about anything else. And even Mitch McConnell is in on it, apparently!

TUCKER: No one in Washington appears to think this kind of talk is alarming in a formerly peaceful republic like ours. Just today, Sen. Mitch McConnell, the leader, sent out a tweet blasting Vladimir Putin for some misdeed or other. In the US Senate, Russia is still the real threat. Not quite as upset about China somehow. But what McConnell didn't mention and almost never does are his own voters — the ones now being re-classified as the Al Qaeda terrorists and treated accordingly.

LOL, still managing to defend Russia.

Anyway, that's your latest Tucker.

Tune in tonight for the next episode of "So You Want To Be A Terrorist Sympathizer?", weeknights on Fox News. (ALLEGEDLY!)

[Media Matters]

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