Turns Out It Matters When Fox News Tells Viewers Truth About COVID Vaccines For Five Seconds!

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Turns Out It Matters When Fox News Tells Viewers Truth About COVID Vaccines For Five Seconds!

Well! It turns out that when Fox News dips its pinky toe in the waters of being halfway responsible for five seconds every once in a while, it matters.

We were very not impressed when Sean Hannity took 30 seconds out of his show to say he believes in the science of vaccination and please take COVID seriously. We had faint praise for Steve Doocy telling Fox viewers out loud that 99 percent of the current COVID deaths are happening among the unvaccinated. Had Fox News changed its tune? Um, not really.

But apparently it still matters!

A new poll from Morning Consult shows that Fox hosts just barely pretending for a minute to understand that we're in the middle of a global pandemic and the best way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated — even when they spend the rest of their time railing against masks and questioning the efficacy of the vaccines and hosting malevolent anti-vaxxers — actually has had an effect on its viewers' willingness to get their damn shots.

Morning Consult says the "share of Fox News viewers who said they probably or definitely won't get vaccinated fell to 27% this week," which is the lowest number they've recorded. In July it was 30 percent. Back in March it was 37 percent. The only groups worse in this poll are people who mostly get their news from Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and ... Snapchat? Is that even a thing? Apparently it is, for anti-vaxxers! A full 35 percent of them are like NO STICKUM MY ARM NO NEVER!

Basically, you're slightly better off right now if you watch Fox News, as opposed to getting your news from comments sections.

Meanwhile, 75 percent of regular CNN viewers say they've already been shot up with vaccines. Fuckin' snowflakes, pfffft bet they won't even die in any pandemics.

Mediaite notes that Fox News is still continuing its efforts toward being reasonably responsible once in a blue fucking moon. Apparently, on Friday, Fox News did a graphic that said "vaccines work" and it didn't even say "TO MURDER YOUR NANA." Give it time, though. Tucker's kinda busy this week embracing full-on fascism in Hungary. He might not have time to make that graphic.

Of course, 27 percent of Fox News viewers still refusing is still way too many. Can you imagine what would happen if Fox News did real journalism about the vaccines for a whole day? We don't want to suggest crazy talk here or anything, but can you imagine how many of their viewers wouldn't die? Again, this is a big ask, obviously, because Fox News is very inexperienced with doing real journalism and it would probably go comically poorly.

But hey, it's something to shoot for, maybe! Next on Fox News: science!

Haha, just kidding, Wonkette should fuck off and stop wishing for things that are never ever ever ever going to happen.

[Morning Consult]

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