Twitter Bars GOP Lawmaker From Attending Obama Jobs Speech

Twitter Bars GOP Lawmaker From Attending Obama Jobs Speech

Isn't Twitter just thebest? Thank Allah for Twitter, teabagger Rep. Paul Broun will not have to sit through Barack Obama's filthy jobs speech in front of Congress. Instead, Broun will be obligated to keep his tradition of hiding in his wicked Washington opium cave during Obama's important addresses so that he can bark mangled opinions -- about what, the horrors of employment? -- from his Twitter account during the speech like some feverish Taliban warlord with a fear of irrelevance and an Internet connection. Don't worry so much, Paul Broun, no one was assuming you or anyone else in the Tea Party were going to be listening that whole time, anyway.

From The Ticket:

"Dr. Broun will not be attending President Obama's joint address, but he looks forward to hearing the president's proposal for job creation," Broun spokeswoman Meredith Griffanti told The Ticket. "Dr. Broun will instead watch the speech from his office where he will host a live town hall via Twitter to interact with his constituents."

Broun remained in his office during Obama's State of the Union address in January, providing his own commentary on the social networking website throughout the speech.

"Mr. President, you don't believe in the Constitution. You believe in socialism," one of Broun's tweets read.

We take it all back. Paul Broun should be required by LAW to skip every important presidential speech because this is the BEST POLITICAL COMMENTARY EVAR. [The Ticket]


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