Twitter Troll Marjorie Taylor Greene Close To Becoming Perma-Banned Twitter Troll

Right Wing Extremism
Twitter Troll Marjorie Taylor Greene Close To Becoming Perma-Banned Twitter Troll

Twitter suspended GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene again, this time for a whole week. We're not normally on the Twitter suspension beat, but Greene has used Twitter to spread outright lies about the COVID-19 vaccine. “Disinformation" is too polite a euphemism for Greene's relentless campaign endangering the health of millions.

Greene tweeted Monday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shouldn't approve the COVID-19 vaccines. How did Dr. Greene come to this informed conclusion? Apparently, there are just "too many reports of infection and spread of COVID-19 among vaccinated people." OK, deep breath: There are breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among vaccinated people, but they are rare. The overwhelming majority of cases clogging our hospitals are unvaccinated adults and children.

She claimed the vaccines are “failing," even though no vaccine is 100 percent effective, and symptoms from breakthrough cases are less severe and more manageable. It's a weekend in bed, as opposed to a lifetime of dead.

The sitting member of Congress declared, despite all evidence to the contrary, that vaccines don't "stop the spread of the virus and neither do masks."

She's not only factually wrong. Unless she's even stupider than we already think she is, it's a near certainty she's lying. And no, we're not going to let her off on a reduced charge of willful ignorance. Greene's actions appear malicious and deliberate, and she's had ample opportunity to learn some facts by now. She's not simply anti-vax. She's made it her mission to discourage vaccinations among the alarmingly significant number of Americans who pay attention to her. Greene's own state, Georgia, has a vaccination rate of just 39 percent. Her congressional district has the eighth-lowest vaccination rate out of the 435 seats in the House, and although a child died from COVID-19 in her district last month, she still tweets (in all caps, course): STOP MASKING CHILDREN.

We know Greene is a prominent member of the GOP's sedition caucus, which supports overturning free and fair elections. We know she openly supports the insurrectionists accused of storming the Capitol on January 6. And with every passing day, it's clear she's gone all-in on opposing any effort to defeat COVID-19.

“Traitor" is probably the wrong word, not because it's too harsh, but because spreading lies that directly lead to people needlessly dying isn't just a betrayal of one's fellow Americans. If this were a 1980s sci-fi series and we discovered Greene was actually an alien lizard prepping the Earth for an invasion, would it really surprise anyone?

During an Alabama Federation of Republican Women fundraiser last month, Greene boasted that the state had the nation's lowest vaccination rate. The audience cheered and presumably sprayed coronavirus everywhere. Just 35 percent of the state is vaccinated, and the weekly average of COVID-19 cases has skyrocketed from 121 to 3,282 over the past month. Yet Greene suggested residents point guns at any volunteers promoting vaccines through door-to-door outreach. The crowd on the Titanic applauded and laughed at Rep. Iceberg.

Maybe this is all just a standup act for Greene. When a reporter asked her last month if she felt any responsibility for keeping people in Georgia safe, she laughed like the sick, twisted comic book villain she is. Her fundraising is through the roof, even though she doesn't serve on any committees and has accomplished nothing worthwhile for anyone but herself. You'd almost prefer she was a Russian agent or alien invader. She might actually believe in something.

Twitter apparently has a five strike policy. (We hate to quibble but once you've moved past three strikes, the baseball metaphor no longer applies.) This was her fourth, so when Greene lies again about vaccines and masks, Twitter will suspend her permanently. It's only a matter of time, as the Twitter troll recidivism rate is fairly high.

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