Twitter's Biggest Scumbag Chuck C. Johnson Outs Rape Victim To Teach Feminazis A Lesson

Twitter's Biggest Scumbag Chuck C. Johnson Outs Rape Victim To Teach Feminazis A Lesson

We continue to not know what to make of Rolling Stone’s horrific story on an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia, but we are sure of one thing: Idiot man-child blogger Chuck C. Johnson, who has been on this story like a maggot on a rotting corpse, continues to prove that he is the human equivalent of toxic sludge. Actually, we may be insulting toxic sludge.

Johnson, as you recall, is the award-winning journalist who has been accused of fabricating a story about vote-buying in Mississippi, then later claimed that Michael Brown just might have had a juvenile homicide conviction, although -- surprise, surprise -- he didn't. He also attempted to find something scandalous in the fact that Kaci Hickox, the nurse who didn't have Ebola, worked for the Centers for Disease Control, because somehow knowing about infectious diseases made her a biased insider who shouldn't be trusted.

As the Rolling Stone story unraveled over the weekend, this sociopathic spawn of a Garbage Pail Kid and morning eye crud took to Twitter to ask the legions of leg-humping shitlords who are his fans to uncover whatever personal info they could find on “Jackie,” the young woman at the center of the RS article. Why, you ask? Who knows? Because Rolling Stone apparently didn’t try to corroborate her story with her alleged rapists or the fraternity where it took place, some of the darker corners of the Internet are accusing her of making the whole thing up. In the world of men’s rights activists and asshole wingnuts determined to smear anything that gives off even a hint of human decency and empathy, accusing people of rape is worse than committing rape, we guess.

Doxing a woman who reportedly at one point asked Rolling Stone and writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely to remove her story from the longer article and was told no? That’s some brave journalism, Chuck.

On Saturday, Chuck revealed the full name of the girl he believed to be the Jackie of the story, claiming he had even called her parents’ house to ask them about her. On Sunday, he teased Twitter all day with this garbage because he is the worst human being alive. (We have blacked out what Chuck thinks is her last name because we are not assholes.)

It takes a special kind of scumbag to consider women who say they were raped to be "opponents," but Chuck is definitely that kind of scum. And when Jackie refused, shockingly, to comply with his demands, he finally, late Sunday night, Chuck gave us the big reveal. Are you ready? He gave us ... Jackie’s Pinterest board. No, we’re not linking to the board itself or to Chuck’s story because fuck him. Google him if you want to find his shitty website and take a look for yourself. Or retain your ability to look at yourself in the mirror, and don't.

Johnson, who is literally a pile of Cheeto-dusted mouse turds left for several years behind a refrigerator, calls the Pinterest board “rape-obsessed.” Even the commenters on his site shot this notion down, noting that 70 or so sexual-assault-themed pins out of over 9000 spread across multiple boards does not constitute an obsession.

Back in reality where people do not care about the ravings of a multi-chinned lunatic, the Washington Post tracked down one of Jackie’s friends she had claimed to have called on the night of her rape. The friend reported that she had told him then that, contrary to what appeared in Rolling Stone, Jackie claimed to have been somehow forced to perform oral on a whole bunch of different frat guys. Which is still sexual assault. How the story morphed from “being made to blow a bunch of dudebros” to “held down and raped for three hours by seven guys in a darkened bedroom” has not been established, and should be sorted out, but it appears that Jackie was the victim of some sort of sexual violence.

Meanwhile, one of Jackie’s suitemates from the time when the alleged rape occurred penned a letter to UVA’s student newspaper defending her, saying it was obvious to anyone who knew Jackie in the fall of 2012 that something terrible had happened to her, and expressing her own regret for not pushing to find out what that was. And there’s this from Politico, where several UVA students expressed a total lack of surprise that an event like this could have taken place on their campus. And there is the fact that before this story came out, UVA was already one of 86 schools nationwide being investigated by the U.S. Department of Education for Title IX violations of its handling of sexual assault cases among its students.

In other words, whatever the problems with Rolling Stone’s reporting, whatever the merits of Jackie’s case on its own, it did not just pop up in a vacuum. No matter what Chuck Johnson, who looks like a dumpster fire in a shag carpet factory, tells you.

It is at this point that yr Wonkette could throw in a whole bunch of links to articles about the psychology of sexual assault survivors who may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or about the trickiness of human memory, particularly in people who have endured great physical and emotional trauma. Or we could just go take a Silkwood shower.

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