Typical Connecticut Parking Lot Brawl Between Octogenarian Dems And Young Whippersnapper Results From Board Of Ed Race, Just Like You'd Expect


Well here is afine how-do-ye-do, and it involves a couple in their 80s; an email about any possible openings on the Norwalk, Connecticut, board of ed; a 38-year-old "belligerent" head of the local Democratic party wrapping her fist around her car keys to deck an 84-year-old man; and nobody pressing charges because hell, when you're a jet you're a jet all the way, presumably.

Let us start in the middle, since that is where NancyonNorwalk put the sexplainer of why these people in their 80s got a beatdown from the late-30s female head of the local Democrats, in a parking lot. (And really, go read Nancy's entire post of beauty and light.) First, Regina Krummel, 82, had left a voicemail for the Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman, Amanda Brown, 38, because Krummel wanted to talk to Brown about why Brown had left Krummel off a list of people interested in running for the Board of Ed. And cut to:

Mrs. Krummel said she started to get out of the car and [Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Amanda] Brown ran up, waving a printout of an email Mrs. Krummel had sent in April.

“She was waving it in my face as I got out of the car and screaming at me,” Mrs. Krummel said.

That email referred to Mrs. Krummel’s desire to run for the BOE. According to Mrs. Krummel, the email said, “If there is an opening for an At-Large Board of Education candidate I’d like to throw my hat in the ring.”

Brown had highlighted segments of the email, and was saying, “You said ‘if,’” the Krummels said.


Mrs. Krummel said Brown was too close to her and yelling. She tried to push Brown away from her, she said. Brown pushed back, she said. Mr. Krummel described this as “a pushing match.”

Mrs. Krummel said that Brown pushed her and she flew 10 feet before hitting the pavement. Her glasses went flying, she said.

She broke her fall with her elbow.

Mr. Krummel said he was getting out of the car and he saw his wife on the ground. Mrs. Krummel has had two hip replacements, he said. She has also suffered hip dislocations, which, he said, causes paralyzing pain.

He said he saw her on the ground and worried that her hip was dislocated again. He exchanged words with Brown and slapped her, he said. Brown, who he said had keys in her hand, balled her fist around the keys and punched him, he said.

Dudes, niiiiice.

Now, why are these guys too tuff to press charges?

“He has a serious eye injury but he’s going to be alright,” Mrs. Krummel said.

She is not going to press charges because of the time involved, and she feels she wants to do positive things with the time she has left, she said.

That is why she wants to be on the BOE.

“I want to give energy to things that I think are significant,” she said. “I am tired of hearing that things are dismal (in the school system).”

She said she has spent her life in education. She is Professor Emerita, Queens College, City University of New York, and teaches in prisons.

“It’s not that I’m afraid of pressing charges against her,” she said. “What would be the point? It’s not going to make a difference in Norwalk life. I’m not a coward. I go to prison every week.”

Yeah, and she shits bigger than you, Amanda Brown, fugeddaboutit.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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