Tyrant Obamacare Insuring More Americans Than Ever, Thanks Obama!

Looking at this new chart from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, America is starting to resemble a developed nation! In 2013, just before the forcible throat-cramming of quality, affordable healthcare began, 18% of Americans were uninsured. And now that number is down to ... this can't be right. This poll must have a liberal bias. They must have only asked Americans who don't love America, because it says that the uninsured rate has precipitously dropped in the intervening time, down to 11.4%. Read it and weep, fuckers:

From a long-range perspective, the uninsured rate has declined across nearly all key subgroups since 2013. But the sharpest declines have occurred among Hispanics, blacks and lower-income Americans. The uninsured rate among Hispanics declined by 9.6 points from the fourth quarter of 2013 -- the last full quarter of interviewing before the requirement that Americans carry health insurance took effect. Similarly, the percentage of uninsured blacks dipped 8.9 points over this period. Across major subgroups, those making less than $36,000 in annual household income have seen the sharpest drop -- 9.9 points since the fourth quarter of 2013.

OH, we see. The rate has dropped among people Republicans don't like. Well then, that means it's still a failure, right?

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Oh, and all those myths about how corporations and small businesses will just tank under the weight of being forced to give their employees healthcare? Didn't happen, as the poll reports that the percentage of Americans receiving healthcare from their employers has stayed more or less the same during that time period. The difference is that a whole bunch of people who didn't get it from their employers are now able to, either through work or the exchanges. Hurray for people not having to go to the emergency room for persistent sniffles!

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Gallup points out that these numbers might well have changed in a very bad way over the next year (as in, gone back up), had the WorldNetDaily commenters who sued America in King v. Burwell been successful in convincing the Supreme Court that six awkward words in the Affordable Care Act amounted to tyranny, godlessness and a general lack of constitutionality. But they weren't successful: the Supreme Court is in gay love with Obamacare, and poor wingnuts who don't like it will just have to LIVE WITH IT. As opposed to DYING with it, because they ain't got no Obamacare.

[Gallup viaJonathan Cohn on Twitter]

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