U.S. Military Bans Those Little USB Thumb Drive Things

U.S. Military Bans Those Little USB Thumb Drive Things

Because the world's most powerful military is being destroyed by a combination of a) goat herders in Afghanistan and b) some weird guy with a website, the Pentagon has just banned any kind of little gizmo that can save information off a computer. (It is apparently impossible to ban goat herders ... yet.) As of immediately, any military person (or military contractor, maybe?) cannot use removable/portable disk thingies such as thumb drives or external DVD/CD writable drives when using the secret computers that have all the potential WikiLeaks stuff on them. Hooray, there will be no more leaks of information!

Noah Shachtman reported on the ironclad new rule for Wired:

Tape and disk backups, as well as hard drive removals, will continue as normal in the military's Secure Compartmented Information Facilities, where top-secret information is discussed and handled.

Ha ha, what? [Wired]


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