U.S. Was Prepared To Fight Pakistan In Getting Bin Laden

U.S. Was Prepared To Fight Pakistan In Getting Bin Laden

  • Here's some good news for ally relations: If Pakistan had noticed the U.S. troops entering Pakistan airspace to take out bin Laden in time and opened fire on them, as they likely would have, the U.S. was prepared to shoot back and send in reinforcements to fight the Pakistanis until bin Laden's body was back in Afghanistan. "Some people may have assumed we could talk our way out of a jam, but given our difficult relationship with Pakistan right now, the president did not want to leave anything to chance," somebody told the New York Times. But Pakistan is now letting the U.S. talk to the terrorism guy's widows, hooray! BFFs! Blood brothers! Haha, remember when we almost tried to kill each other and go to war?! That was a crazy week ago! (Would that have been a war or a squirmish?) [NYT]
  • America has had about enough Donald Trump, who suddenly doesn't seem to have any new ideas up his sleeve about how to get presidential election attention. The teevee ratings for his lemonade-stand competition thing fell 23% Sunday. Maybe Republicans were watching that because they wanted to elect someone called "NeNe Leakes" president? [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Erick Erickson will not vote for Jon/John Huntsman (Erick seems to be unsure how to spell?) because he was trying to run for president when he SHOULD have been keeping an eye on China, who were thus able to get their devious plots past him and will now explode all our fat bodies. [RedState]

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