Uh-Oh! Are Conservatives Trying To Cancel Culture A Rhode Island Donut Shop?

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Uh-Oh! Are Conservatives Trying To Cancel Culture A Rhode Island Donut Shop?

This weekend, Allie's Donuts, an iconic donut shop in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, announced on Instagram that it would no longer be giving out a special discount for cops or military personnel until the police get their act together. Which seems quite fair! It's actually kind of weird that cops get special donut discounts anyway, when you think about it.

The posts read:

A note to the officer who profiled the Providence firefighter the other night:
That is an example of terrible job performance.

If you were an athlete, you would be cut from your team.
If you were our employee, we would fire you immediately.

But, you are a police officer. And despite being the ones responsible for protecting the law, you may be considered "above it" and face ZERO consequences for your mistakes

We're fed up.

Until local police takes action to solve problems with racism and injustice, @alliesdonuts will choose to stand with the people of our great state, we will no longer offer police or military discounts.

Thank you for your service,
And shame on you for your silence.

Good for them!

Owner Matt Drescher, whose family has run Allie's for three generations, explained their reasoning to WPRI:

"Times are tough," Drescher said in a written statement. "People everywhere feel unsafe, threatened, and unprotected in their community due to the color of their skin and — regarding those involved in community protection — the style of their working uniforms."

"Allie's Donuts believes the time is now to come together to find solutions to what has created so much fear and strife," he continued. "Together, as those with voices speak up, the people that can make a difference, will, indeed, make that difference."

Drescher said Allie's would typically offer "as much as we could" to customers in any uniform. He said most of the time those people — military, police, doctors and nurses — would decline the discount and pay full price.

"Hopefully, we will not lose customers over our willingness to speak up," he said. "We respect the military for their sacrifice, and their duty. We love every policeman, every fireman, every nurse, every National Guard member, every Naval recruit and officer and all of the men and women in the Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, and armed forces."

Drescher said he hoped that the community could come together on Sunday to "enjoy our products."

"We believe that all people in our community are our brothers and sisters," he said.

Again, very nice! Good for him! He seems like a nice person.

Alas, as this was also reported by Fox News, a bunch of wingnuts flipped out about it and now hope to drive them out of business. You know, because they hate "cancel culture" so much. Granted, most of the people swearing to boycott them don't actually live in Rhode Island, but still.

Even the Drudge sirens came out!

There's more, but you get the gist of it.

It's so strange how conservatives lose their shit and cry "Oh, the cancel culture of it all!" every time the left boycotts anything or, god forbid, notes that a terrible thing someone said is, in fact, terrible. And yet, they were all over social media yesterday planning to refuse to go to a donut shop in a state where they do not live, because a bakery made them feel "alienated." It's almost as if they are giant hypocrites or something.

Frankly, I doubt it will have any negative effect on Allie's Donuts's actual business. Have you been to Rhode Island? There's a Dunkin' every two blocks. You know how good this place has to be to survive three generations in that environment? And with all the other bakeries? Pretty damn good! And they've got Del's Lemonade there, so ...

I, for one, very much look forward to buying a whole bunch of donuts there when I go back for Thanksgiving.

[Providence Journal]

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