Oh yeah, "Doctor" so-called Fauci, if that is your real so-called name? You think you can just put your hand on the Trump administration's forehead and hold it there so the Trump administration can't reach you while it's flailing around trying to hit you in the face? You're just going to sit there being more trusted by the American people to tell them the truth about coronavirus than Donald Trump is, even though the Trump administration DID A MEMO that said you are wrongbad? They gave it to the Washington Post and Maggie Haberman and everything! How dare you not discredit yourself and slink away in shame, Mister quote unquote "pandemic expert"?


Yeah well, if you thought the Trump administration had one memo up its sleeve, you should know that it has another memo up the other sleeve, and it, well, um, it says the same thing as the first memo. LOOK UPON TRUMP ECONOMIC ADVISER IDIOT STEPHEN MOORE'S WORKS, YE MIGHTY, AND DESPAAAAAAAAIR.

A forthcoming memo, titled "Dr. Wrong," is the latest broadside against the nation's top infectious-diseases expert.



OK fine, we will be serious, because Trump economic adviser idiot Stephen Moore is a very serious person and this is his very serious memo. (Yes, this is the guy who suggested we solve coronavirus by having people wear "space outfits" and who said "every pandemic is an urban experience," LOL! And who didn't support an economic bailout for people unemployed because of coronavirus because that will just encourage people to be lazy takers who don't even want to die on the job while making eight bucks an hour to prop up the economy Donald Trump didn't create. Oh yes, and he just "loves" that joke about how when Donald Trump was "elected" president, his first act as president was to "kick a black family out of public housing," isn't that FUNNY?)

The Daily Beast reports that Moore 'n' pals worked on this all Monday, and also for weeks before that:

"We are working on a memo that shows how many times Dr. Fauci's been wrong during not just [this pandemic], but during his entire career," Moore told The Daily Beast, adding that he and his team at the Committee to Unleash Prosperity had been working on it for weeks. Moore, whose failures at political and economic prognostication are routine grist for his critics, added that he and his group intend to send their final product to the White House and Trump and to "publicize it," once ready.

Moore said that the current title of the memo is: "Dr. Wrong."

"It will document how often his predictions have been not just wrong, but in many cases, fabulously wrong … [and it'll be] looking at his whole career of making predictions about disease, and trying to show a pattern," he continued. "Fauci's been 'Dr. Doom'… and I don't have a problem with him being 'Dr. Doom,' but I have a problem with him being wrong, wrong, wrong… He's been a detriment to getting the economy reopened, with a lot of his false predictions."


stoned that 70s show GIF Giphy

The memo the Trump administration sent out this weekend about Fauci was full of bullshit and out-of-context quotes. And of course, it displayed a pre-kindergarten-level understanding of science, one that gets mad and wants to go outside and play with trucks when a science expert says one thing, and then says a different thing a month later, just because the science has advanced since then. We assume Stephen Moore's memo will be stupider than that one.

The White House is just so pissed off that Dr. Anthony Fauci keeps saying science in public, which has always been at odds with reopening the economy in a desperate attempt to get Trump positioned high enough in the polls so the Russians can help him steal re-election. Admiral Brett Giroir, an undersecretary at HHS, whined to Chuck Todd on Sunday that Fauci looks at this situation "from a very narrow public health point of view," AKA the one where not as many people are killed because of Trump's malevolent stupidity. (Giroir did allow on Tuesday that Fauci and the other public health experts don't lie to the American people.)

Trump trade adviser idiot Peter Navarro told the Washington Post last week that Fauci "has a good bedside manner" — how would he know? — but "has been wrong about everything I have ever interacted with him on." Monday, he told CBS News that he takes Fauci's advice, but "only with caution." Which reminds us of that old saying about how if you think everybody else is always wrong, MAYBE YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S A MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT. Wait, is that an expression? Don't know. Should be.

Anyway, all of this is awesome. Donald Trump is still pissing down his leg, more concerned about the mean pandemic expert who insists on telling the truth than he is about Americans dying. His stupidest minions, like Moore and Navarro, also share those concerns. And as a result, even MORE thousands of Americans will be in body bags by November.

Meanwhile in the real world, even some Republicans are getting religion. Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who used to be on the COVID denialism train when he still had that job, is complaining in a CNBC op-ed that he can't even get coronavirus tests for his kids. GOP Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis agrees there may be a wee tiny testing problem in his state, where the pandemic is raging like a touring group of meth alligators.

Even Republican Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has come home to the Lord and is losing his SHIT over people spreading conspiracy theories about how you can just pray this virus away with dreams of "herd immunity."

But keep fucking that chicken, Stephen Moore. It's the only thing you know how to do apparently.

[Daily Beast]

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