Uh Oh, Harry Reid's One Good Eye Is PISSED At Husky Donald Trump!

got his FIGHTIN' suit on

Thursday, we told you about how badass retiring Sen. Harry Reid was all up in Donald Trump's shit on the Senate floor, calling him a "human leech" and a "con artist" and a "spoiled brat" and all the other things he could figure out to say that were safe for C-SPAN. Also, earlier this week, Harry Reid called Trump HUSKY! More specifically, he was commenting on all the BS about Hillary's health and saying hey, maybe you should look at Trump, because he's not "slim and trim" after all.

Of course, poor, spineless, thin-skinned puke-baby Donald Trump HAD A TANTRUM WITH HIS FACE and had to hit back, because that's what he does, if you hit him, he hits back, because he's a big strong guy who hits back. And like all of Trump's insults, it was so fucking lame, so childish:

“Harry Reid? I think he should go back and start working out again with his rubber work-out pieces,” an apparent reference to the exercise band that snapped last year and caused Reid to fall and break a number of ribs and some facial bones.

It also caused blindness in Harry Reid's right eye!

So, what does Harry Reid think about baby Trump's little schoolyard taunts? This:

Harry Reid ain't need two goddamn eyes to see what a weak, lying pussy Trump is! (FULL WONKET DISCLOSURE: I, yr Wonkette, am also blind in my right eye, so I can confirm that it only takes one eye to observe what a loser Trump is, and then repeatedly point and laugh at him. This is just a science fact.)

You're probably curious whether Reid went on CNN to say any more shit about Trump on Friday. Oh what's this? It is our old pal Harry calling Trump a damned liar for pretending like he isn't a gigantic birther and trying to pass it off on Hillary Clinton, and for many other reasons too!



What a liar. You know, he never questioned the citizenship of anyone else running for president. No one else. He is just such a phony. Here is a man, you can't believe anything he says. Nothing! You can't believe anything he says. And certainly you don't believe the fact that he's not going to give us his tax returns because there is an audit, when every person of consequence says it doesn't matter if he's in an audit or not. And now he's gotten so weak on the subject -- he won't even talk about it, he sends his kids out to talk about his tax returns. He is one of the most unbelievably immoral people I've ever heard deal with politics ...

We put those words in bold because Trump has the attention span of a fruit fly and speaks at a third grade reading level. We're going to guess that PROBABLY means he reads at a third grade level too, so we don't want Trump to get confused by all the full sentences and big words Harry Reid and his One Good Eye are using to describe him.

Wonder if Harry Reid will have more to say about the pitiful sack of allegedly human cells known as Donald Trump before the election? HAHAHAHA of course he will, because He Ain't Give No Fucks.

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