Uh Oh, Republican Congressmen Overheard Telling Truth!

Oh no, oh dear, two Republican congressmen were caught on tape talking about their true feelings. That never ends well.

Politico Playbook had this scoop this morning about how craven, how cynical these assholes really are, how much they're willing to destroy the country to preserve their hold on power.

We always hear stories about how many Republicans would have voted to impeach and/or remove Donald Trump, had there been a secret ballot, how they're not really as bad as they seem, they just have to vote the way they do because of the demonspawn that put them in office, yadda yadda yadda. GOP congressmen like Adam Kinzinger say things like "Oh boy, if you heard the things these guys say when we're all getting our balls waxed!" (OK that is a paraphrase, what he said was that the "vast majority, if not all of them, my colleagues believe this was a Trump-incited insurrection." Wonkette's way is funnier.)

Point is, we hear the stories about how they're all a bunch of damn cowards.

Under the bold heading "OVERHEARD OF THE WEEK," Playbook reports that GOP Reps. Ann Wagner of Missouri and Michael McCaul of Texas were sitting around last Thursday at the Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar on Capitol Hill, and somebody said something to Wagner about ...

Standing by the bar, a person in their group asked about redistricting in Missouri and said he hoped Wagner gets a more conservative district to help her win reelection.

Wagner, a center-right Republican, responded skeptically: "Then you get those wacko birds," she said.

"Those wacko birds." Wagner's district, Missouri's Second, is the white western St. Louis suburbs, by the way.

To which Michael McCaul, who Playbook notes is the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, replied ...

"That's why we had to vote the way we did today!"

"Had to." They had to vote a certain way, because of the "wacko birds" who put Republicans in power.

McCaul represents Texas's 10th, which is the expanse stretching from the suburbs of Austin to the western Houston exurbs.

And what was it they "had to" vote a certain way on, because of the "wacko birds"? Oh, that was just the day last week when the House voted to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress for telling the committee investigating January 6 to eat shit. Wagner and McCaul weren't allowed to vote to uphold the rule of law and the authority of Congress to investigate the terrorist attack on Congress, which includes Wagner and McCaul, because they're all spineless cowards unwilling to stand up together and put country above party and tell their pig turd supporters that facts matter, that Donald Trump lost the election, and that they're not willing to sacrifice America to Trump's dreams of an authoritarian ethnostate.

"Had to." They "had to" vote against holding Bannon in contempt.

Playbook reached out to the respective congressmen's offices, and this is what they got back:

Wagner's office didn't respond to a request for comment. Foreign Affairs' spokeswoman, Leslie Shedd, denied the account and vowed that McCaul would "never speak to another POLITICO reporter" if Playbook published this item.

Oh go fuck yourself.

And apparently that's what Politico thought about it too, so Wonkette would like to go on the record just this one time ever in the history of journalism and say hey Politico, good job this one time only.


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