University of Phoenix Founder Upset Obama Doesn't Like His Fake School


The colleges use deceptive practices to lure homeless people, veterans and individuals who aren’t prepared for college into unsuitable courses in order to obtain tuition funded by grants and also by federal loans that students have trouble repaying, according to advocates for the homeless, veterans’ groups and current and former students. Almost 90 percent of Phoenix’s students use federal grants or loans to pay tuition.

But the University of Phoenix gets its money, so what's the problem, Obama? Are you really siding with poor people and taxpayers against this University of Phoenix billionaire? He is a billionaire! You should automatically be on his side! He has power!

“This is his legacy at stake,” Suzanne Helburn, an economist who is a longtime friend of Sperling, said in a telephone interview. “The thought of it being dismantled by some arbitrary government policy infuriates him.”

Even though he was made rich by some arbitrary government policy that gives money to fake colleges that only exist to make money rather than to serve the public. WHO WILL HELP THIS POOR BILLIONAIRE ASSERT HIS RIGHTS? [Bloomberg]


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