Values Voter Summit Speaker Dr. Ben Carson Calls Obamacare Slavery, Because Of Course He Does


This whole government shutdown slash Obamacare thing sure has given the GOPers a lot to talk outloud about lately.Ted Cruz gathered "thousands" of vets for a "million" vet march to make speeches about the government shutdown Ted Cruz caused. Louie Gohmert threatened to impeach the president for any potential debt default that Louie Gohmert will cause. Tea Party black guy doctor hero conservative Ben Carson also gave a little speech at the Values Voter Summit this past weekend, and played that master of all race cards, comparing Obamacare to slavery:

Dr. Ben Carson, an African-American neurosurgeon and Fox News contributor, literally called Obamacare 'the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery.' Recognizing how odd these words must have sounded coming from a person of color, he doubled down: And it is slavery, it is, in a way, slavery, because it is making all of us subservient.

Obamacare is making all of us subservient? Even the ones of us, like neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who do not need or want to sign up for this kind of healthcare? Or is it only making slaves of the people who have no way to see neurosurgeons like Ben Carson without some kind of insurance coverage? Is this like one of those "gay marriage is ruining the sanctity of straight marriage" things? Like, Obamacare is ruining the sanctity of all other healthcare forever, by giving currently uninsured people some sort of access?

Just so you know, Ben Carson, Rush Limbaugh has already done the Obamacare is slavery thing anyway, back in September. “It’s the law of the land. What else at one time was the ‘law of the land'? Slavery!” Yeah! Because, anything that can be described in the same category as another thing makes those things exactly the same. Like, that Rush Limbaugh, he spit-yells into a microphone all the time. Who else spit-yelled all the time? Hitler!

And anyway, you guys are just wearing the "this is just like slavery" thing out now. You've already said abortion is just like slavery and also gay marriage is slavery and some times blabbing the same thing over and over again takes the sting out of what is supposed to be a very sassy "look at what I just said" thing to say.

Maybe go the Sarah Palin on Fox News route, and just allude to racisty stuff, instead of going full slavery?

What Barack Obama seems to want is to go back before those days when we were in different classes based on different incomes, based on color of skin.

Yes, the half-black president wants to take us all back to the time before he could be president, or even vote for presidents, because being the president sucks.

At any rate, let's just try to be more creative from now on, okay? Slavery has just been so done already, genocide and 9-11 are getting jealous. And you swore you would never forget.



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