Veritas Goons Tried To Take Out Deep State In DC Honeypot Operation, Fell On Their Asses, As Usual.

Conspiracy theories

Please try to imagine the Republican reaction if Democrats funded a phalanx of women using false identities to surreptitiously spy on White House officials and law enforcement agents.

No, don't bother, your head will just explode. And yet Republicans reportedly did exactly that, with Senator Chuck Grassley's infamous staffer Barbara Ledeen lending her rolodex to Project Veritas so operatives associated with the group could set up a stable of women to take out National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, the replacement for her beloved Gen. Michael Flynn. All they had to do was get hot ladies to sexy up to McMaster and the evil Deep Staters at the FBI, then press "record" when their hapless targets called President Trump an idiot.

How hard could that be? Everyone on earth called Trump an idiot in public right up until he won the election. Because OMG he's such a fucking idiot! Every reporter in DC published a story about White House staffers storming out of meetings tearing their hair out about having to work with SUCH AN IDIOT.

And still the Veritas crew could not make it happen! Because James "Sex Boat" O'Keefe et al. are a bunch of giant fucking idiots themselves, if we're being honest.

Okay, here's the backstory from the New York Times.

In July of 2017, H.R. McMaster, Mike Flynn's replacement as national security advisor, called Trump an idiot when he was at a dinner with some bigwigs from Oracle. At least that's what BuzzFeed reported that November in an article alleging that one Oracle executive called up White House Counsel Don McGahn to bitch about it.

Everyone involved denied it, but the conspiracy-huffing loons already had their knives out for McMaster, whom they considered a "globalist." Plus Erik Prince, the ubiquitous mercenary ratfucker, was pissed that McMaster and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis had put the kibosh on his awesome plan to become viceroy of Afghanistan. (Yes, literally.)

Enter Barbara Ledeen, Chuck Grassley's longtime staffer and a stalwart Flynn ally. Wherever there is wacko conspiracy fuckery, you will find this woman. As described in the Mueller Report: She was part of another Prince-financed operation to wander into the dark web and find Hillary Clinton's supposedly stolen emails; she got caught sending unsolicited messages to Flynn's lawyers in an attempt to coordinate his defense with Devin Nunes's Hannity appearances; she spearheaded the successful campaign to run Jessie Liu, then US Attorney for DC, out of town for prosecuting Michael Flynn when she should have been doing LOCK HER UPS to Brett Kavanaugh's accusers; and she was part of Ginni Thomas's coven trying to convince Trump to purge the federal bureaucracy of supposed fifth columnists.

Of course Ledeen was involved in this batshittery from the jump!

"Who initially ordered the operation is unclear. In an interview, Ms. Ledeen said "someone she trusted" contacted her to help with the plan. She said she could not remember who.

"Somebody who had his calendar conveyed to me that he goes to Tosca all the time," she said of Mr. McMaster.

According to Ms. Ledeen, she passed the message to a man she believed to be a Project Veritas operative during a meeting at the University Club in Washington. Ms. Ledeen said she believed the man provided her with a fake name.

O'Keefe denies that Veritas had anything to do with the plot. And if you can't trust a dude whose entire career involves pretending to be someone he's not, who can ya trust, right?

The plan was to hire a woman to stake out McMaster's favorite restaurant, sidle up to him with a hidden camera, and get him on film talking smack about Trump. Then they could get him fired and replaced with someone more to their liking. Viceroy time!

With Prince's money, Veritas had hired a retired British spy named Richard Seddon to train its operatives. Remember, when Democrats hire British spies like Chris Steele, it is bad and illegal and treason. But for Gippers it is righteous and patriotic, of course.

The Times reports that Seddon and his motley crew got up to various hijinks at the Prince family ranch in Wyoming, learning to maintain cover, evade law enforcement, and chat up potential targets in an elevator. At the end of the session, they were instructed to burn the training materials. So perfesh!

The success of Seddon's methods is (AHEM) unclear. He hired a woman named Tarah Price to run the sting on McMaster for $10,000, but Price seems not to have come up with the goods. By March of 2018, the rightwing smear machine succeeded where Seddon had not, and McMaster was out. At which point Seddon widened his aperture — why not take out the whole Deep State in one giant honeypot operation?

So he rented a big house in Georgetown for $10,000/month and filled it with women willing to go undercover to root out federal employees who weren't down with the MAGA agenda, which is TREASON.

Project Veritas operatives created fake profiles on dating apps to lure the F.B.I. employees, according to two former Project Veritas employees and a screenshot of one of the accounts. They arranged to meet and arrived with a hidden camera and microphone.

Women living at the house had Project Veritas code names, including "Brazil" and "Tiger," according to three former Project Veritas employees with knowledge of the operations. People living at the house were told not to receive mail using their real names. If they took an Uber home, the driver had to stop before they reached the house to ensure nobody saw where they actually lived, one of the former Project Veritas employees said.

O'Keefe released a couple videos, but strangely "Brazil" and "Tiger" seem to have come up largely empty handed. Maybe because they were a bunch of weirdos acting sketchy as hell trying to fit in in DC and entrap people whose entire job involves keeping their damn mouths shut.

O'Keefe refused to confirm or deny any of the allegations in the article, but called it a "smear piece."

"Because The New York Times is losing to Project Veritas in a court of law, it is trying to smear Project Veritas in the court of public opinion," he huffed to the Times. "I think the court, like me, may well be appalled at The New York Times's continued pattern of defamation of Project Veritas."

Good luck, little buddy! And if you need someone to call Trump a fucking idiot on tape, your Wonkette is ready, willing and able. You don't even have to send some hick off of Craig's List to ply us with rail margaritas. We'll do it for nothing!


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