Very Credible 'Former Jihadist' Saw Barack Obama Kissing Muslim Claus In A Mosque On Christmas


In a revelation that will be shocking proof to at least 12 or 13 wingnuts who were genuinely undecided on the question, we learn that Barack Obama has to be a Muslim because on Christmas, he totallyattended a mosque in Washington DC instead of celebrating the Sacred Baby Festival like a real American. This revelation comes from rightwing darling Kamal Saleem, a fake ex-jihadist who is popular with some fundagelicals because he claims to have converted from being a radical Islamic terrist to doing Jihad for Jebus instead.

On fundy wingnut Rick Wiles's “Trunews” podcasty thing Friday, Saleem contrasted what normal Christmas-Americans do on December 25 -- which is the actual birthday of Jesus -- with what Barack Obama does:

"We see him on Christmas, he goes to the mosque, on Christmas Day he’s in a mosque in Washington D.C. taking his shoes off to celebrate that day on Christmas Day in a Washington D.C. mosque."

Also, mosque. Christmas Day. In a mosque. On Christmas Day. With the bowing and the Mecca and the terrorist fist bumps on a Muslim prayer rug, which the president then gave to an ISIS fighter to drop near the Mexican border.

Ever the party poopers, Right Wing Watch pedantically explains:

In every year of his presidency — 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 — Obama and his family were in his home state of Hawaii during Christmas. But perhaps Obama actually spent Christmas surreptitiously flying from Hawaii to Washington to secretly attend a mosque and managed to do so without anyone in the media reporting on it ... after all, it’s only a brisk, ten hour flight.

OK, sure, he was in Hawaii. We all know how the man just loves going to exotic foreign lands on the taxpayer's dime. But given Barry Bamz's documented ability to travel back in time to create the economic crisis and bail out the banks before he took office, a little being in two places at once should be no trouble. Man has a TARDIS, as we all know.

Saleem also explained that Obama had been up to other Muslim deviltry as well:

In the same interview, Saleem said Obama “declared the Islamization over America” at the United Nations and is working to “create an envoy to Europe” to “establish radical Islamization in Spain, in France and in Germany.”

Of course, no one knows about any of this because of the media!

“This is happening and the American people are not aware of it because the media and this current Islamization power is just suffocating the truth for the American people to know what is going on,” he said.

It's pretty credible stuff, because this is a man with a vaguely Arabic accent, and that makes him an insider who is bringing us the real truth about the Omnipresident.

Doktor Zoom

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