Very Reasonable QAnon Lady Just Wants The Imaginary Child Abuse To Be Investigated

Very Reasonable QAnon Lady Just Wants The Imaginary Child Abuse To Be Investigated

2020 QAnon candidates! Where are they now? Well, some of them actually made it into office and are now actual elected officials, putting up weird anti-trans signs outside of their offices. Others are at CPAC ... still talking about QAnon. Angela Stanton-King would be in the latter category.

Stanton-King, as you may recall, ran against John Lewis to represent Georgia's Fifth Congressional District and then lost to Nikema Williams, who replaced Lewis on the ticket after he passed away. Williams beat her 85-14 percent, because apparently Georgia's Fifth has a lot more sense than Georgia's 14th, where they elected Marjorie Taylor Greene. Also, if you watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, you may know her as the lady who wrote that Lies of a Real Housewife book about Phaedra Parks, back when she was just plain old Angela Stanton.

Anyway! Stanton-King, in an appearance on a panel that already cancel-cultured one dude for spreading bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, explained that her belief in the Q conspiracies is completely reasonable and she just feels like we should investigate all the child abuse. Who could be against that?

She said:

We know that in this election there was some things going on in regards to the conspiracy theories with Q, right? And I think that me, as a person, before I ever got into the conservative movement I've always been an advocate, even if it's for abused children or rather it's for those people who are incarcerated. So I think that any allegations coming forward in regards to any type of abuse when it comes to children deserves to be investigated, it deserves to be made aware of. And I think that, you know, once we find out whether this is true or not then we can move on, but we at least have to be able to address it.

It's going to be very awkward when Stanton-King finds out about rightwing policies regarding incarcerated people, private prisons, and the criminal justice system in general. But I digress.

Given that Stanton-King has previously served two years in prison for her part in a car-theft ring (for which she was later pardoned by Donald Trump), one would think that she might agree that some sort of evidence ought to be required to investigate a crime. A complaining witness. A suspect. Some kind of evidence other than "Well, this could be happening."

A lot of things could be happening.

What does she want to do? Have someone check Tom Hanks's red shoes to make sure they are not actually made from babies? Order some very expensive Wayfair cabinets to see if a kid shows up? It's not a situation where anyone is "coming forward," it is a situation in which people are just thinking of the worst possible things they are capable of imagining and then deciding that this must be what the people they don't like are doing. You can't just accuse someone of robbing a bank if no bank has been robbed. You can't just make up a crime in your head and then go "Hey! Go investigate this!"

Of course, Stanton-King — who is the goddaughter of Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.'s rightwing niece — has a history of not 100 percent understanding what pedophilia is and is not. She previously insisted that supporting LGBTQ youth is the same thing as supporting pedophilia.

Stanton went on to talk about how talking about this at CPAC was probably going to result in people canceling her, but that seems like a stretch given that her belief in the QAnon conspiracy is practically all most people (who don't watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta) know about her in the first place.


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