Very Sane Tea Party Man Warns Of Obama's Army Of Blacks

Ever wonder what is really behind all this "they deserve a vote, let's all stop killing each other, no more crazy guns everywhere all the time" nonsense push for "rational" gun policies in America? Ever thought it might all just be a ploy to give the President an excuse to begin theviolent race wars we all knew would be coming? Well the Gun Owners of America president Larry Pratt wants you to know you are right! In yet another episode of "things crazy people will say outloud" Mr. Pratt went on Stan Solomon's very insightful radio program with his buddy the conserva-blogger Greg W. Howard and explained the intricate domino effect of just exactly what is going on:

Pratt predicted that President Obama may begin confiscating guns in order to provoke a violent response to justify further oppression, which host Stan Solomon feared would lead to the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people. Pratt once again insisted that Obama is acting like King George III, a sentiment with which Solomon concurred, saying, “That will happen quickly and they will wipe those people out to set an example.” But Solomon wasn’t finished: “I believe they will put together a racial force to go against an opposite race resistance, basically a black force to go against a white resistance, and then they will claim anyone resisting the black force they are doing it because they are racist.” Howard agreed: “You may be right because he has been sowing the seeds of racial hatred; we were healing quite well as a nation on racial issues until Obama came along and now we have a lot of racial discord.”

Don't you see? Everything was getting so much better in the racisms game til that black guy came along and wanted to be the boss of everything and now President Obama is coming for your guns, because he knows when he does, there will be no choice but to go all Ruby Ridge-Waco on his ass. AND THEN HE'S GOT YA! For when the true patriots of our land rise up and start defending themselves with fire, President Obama will tell everyone it is because you are all racists, and then he can bring out his super secret Black Army of Death, and then it's all over but the jailing and killing of white people. See? Simple.

But these fair and obviously balanced TRUE AMERICANS are NOT just going to stand around and let this happen.

After arguing that Obama is “not American” and not a natural born citizen, Howard maintained that Obama may begin “wiping out a few hundred people who own guns, pull a large scale Waco or a Ruby Ridge type incident” and have it “tinged it with racial overtones.” But just in case Obama goes through with his plans to “take down” the Internet, “people are setting up phone-trees all over the place” to stop Obama in his tracks. “If Obama can take your guns away he can take your car, he can take your home, he can take your bank account, he can take your very life,” Howard said.

First of all, no mention of the drones? President Obama has DRONES, he does not need your silly little internets to take you down. Secondly, phone trees? That is just about the most adorable thing ever. One can just imagine all the members of Gun Owners of America, peering out their windows, keeping an eye on their car, phone in hand. Okay no, not adorable, that is fucking scary, as these people HAVE BIG GUNS. Run away! Run away!

[Right Wing Watch]


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