House Passes Veterans Food Security Act, No Thanks To Some Troops-Hating Republicans​

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House Passes Veterans Food Security Act, No Thanks To Some Troops-Hating Republicans​
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According to a study conducted by the USDA, veterans in the United States have a 7.4 percent greater chance of experiencing food insecurity than do non-veterans. If they are disabled, this number triples to 22.5 percent.

That seems like it should not be a thing. Then again, some might say that nearly 40,000 unhoused veterans should not be a thing either. (Or hungry, unhoused people in general, regardless of their veteran status)

New Democratic Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska, fresh off of beating one Sarah Palin in a special election, also thought it was kind of messed up that veterans were going hungry and decided to do something about it, by making the first bill she introduced the Food Security for All Veterans Act. The act will establish an an Office of Food Security in the Department of Veterans Affairs that would be responsible for developing initiatives meant to address food insecurity among veterans, as well as providing information and assistance in enrolling in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other federal programs designed to address hunger.

And it passed! It even passed bipartisan-ly, 376-49, likely due to the fact that even a lot of Republicans don't want to be seen taking the bold stance of being basically cool with veterans starving to death.

Forty-nine of them, however, were — including such favorites as Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Dan Crenshaw, Jim Jordan, Thomas Massie, and Louie Gohmert, whom we can assume was very concerned that those veterans might go and spend their SNAP money on king crab legs. Oh! Or that this was a plot devised by the congresswoman from Alaska to increase sales of Alaskan king crab legs across the country. Could be!

Then again, they could also just want to ensure that those veterans don't become spoiled, giving them a chance to pull themselves up by their own combat boots, regardless of the current status of their limbs.

Or hey, they could just be assholes.

Here is the full list, via Newsweek:

Rick Allen, Georgia
Jodey Arrington, Texas
Jim Baird, Indiana
Dan Bishop, North Carolina
Mo Brooks, Alabama
Ken Buck, Colorado
Tim Burchett, Tennessee
Michael Cloud, Texas
Andrew Clyde, Georgia
James Comer, Kentucky
Dan Crenshaw, Texas
Jeff Duncan, South Carolina
Jake Ellzey, Texas
Pat Fallon, Texas
Drew Ferguson, Georgia
Scott Franklin, Florida
Matt Gaetz, Florida
Louie Gohmert, Texas
Bob Good, Virginia
Lance Gooden, Texas
Paul Gosar, Arizona
Mark Green, Tennessee
Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia
Morgan Griffith, Virginia
Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin
Andy Harris, Maryland
Diana Harshbarger, Tennessee
Kevin Hern, Oklahoma
Jody Hice, Georgia
Ronny Jackson, Texas
Jim Jordan, Ohio
John Joyce, Pennsylvania
Debbie Lesko, Arizona
Barry Loudermilk, Georgia
Thomas Massie, Kentucky
Mary Miller, Illinois
Barry Moore, Alabama
Ralph Norman, South Carolina
Steven Palazzo, Mississippi
Scott Perry, Pennsylvania
Bill Posey, Florida
Matt Rosendale, Montana
Chip Roy, Texas
Steve Scalise, Louisiana
Greg Steube, Florida
Van Taylor, Texas
Tom Tiffany, Wisconsin
Daniel Webster, Florida

Nice people, really!

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