Virginia Congressional Candidate Pretty Sure God Made Your Baby Disabled Because You Had An Abortion, You Slut

Virginia Congressional Candidate Pretty Sure God Made Your Baby Disabled Because You Had An Abortion, You Slut

Well here's an update on a dude wefirst heard about way back in 2010: Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall said back then that he believed that God punishes women who have abortions by sending them disabled children when they have later pregnancies. Here's how it works, he said:

“The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion who have handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the firstborn of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children ... It’s a special punishment, Christians would suggest.”

And here's the cool thing: Now that he is running for Congress, Bob Marshall is not apologizing, not trying to back away from his remarks, or put them in context, or anything -- he's standing by his 2010 comments. It's nice to see a politician who's willing to stand up for his beliefs, especially when those beliefs are patently crazy and really quite mean.

Here he is in 2010, explaining all that in some of the muddiest audio we've heard all week:

In addition, Marshall said Thursday that he stands by his previous statements that Justice Anthony Kennedy is a closeted gay person, and that there should not be an exception allowing abortions in cases of incest, because maybe the incest was "voluntary." Why, yes, Yr Wonkette would indeed support the issuance of a search warrant for the crawl space under Mr. Marshall's house.

And here is a surprise -- he's even getting critical coverage from the Washington Times:

Mr. Marshall is unbowed over his history of controversial rhetoric as he seeks a seat in Congress representing Northern Virginia.

“I don’t care. I mean, if I say something in public, I say it in public,” Mr. Marshall said Thursday.

When he spoke to an anti-abortion group in 2013, Marshall closed his analysis of the decision striking down DOMA by saying, "For all I know, Kennedy’s a homosexual ... You can’t be doing some of these things without this kind of conclusion."

Again, he defends the comment today, saying “Clearly, some of the people who are making these decisions must be rationalizing their own bad behavior.” That is so true! It's a lot like how we found out that every justice who voted in the majority in Loving v. Virginia was secretly black.

Similarly, Marshall stands by a 1989 remark published in the Boston Globe; asked why he opposed exceptions for abortion in the case of rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman, Marshall replied with a rhetorical question: “What if incest is voluntary? ... Sometimes it is.”

He told the Washington Times that he still believed that, but that the columnist had missed the point of his remarks: "It doesn’t make it right or legal ... It just gives the facts.”

Virginia Democrats are reportedly looking forward to Marshall winning his GOP primary. Heaven knows he's got our endorsement for the primary, as well as a shiny new nomination for Wonkette's coveted Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year Award.

[Washington Times via RightWingWatch]

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