Virginia Confederacy Annoyed By Gay Flag At Richmond Federal Reserve

Virginia Confederacy Annoyed By Gay Flag At Richmond Federal Reserve

Deep in the confederate stronghold of Richmond, Virginia, there's something mighty queer afoot: The Federal Reserve building in Richmond has a homosexual rainbow flag fluttering beneath the American flag. Why? Apparently it's National Gay and Lesbian and BLT Month, and if President Obama wasn't already minority enough, he is also promoting this celebration of the degenerate "gay lifestyle." If that rainbow flag continues flying all month, as planned, up to 47% of straight white Virginians might "turn gay" just by being exposed to the colorful banner.

A website has a news article about this:

Meanwhile, the Mississippi-based American Family Association has received a complaint from a Federal Reserve employee who objects to the flag and what it represents. In reference to the "gay pride" flag flying just below the American flag, the employee wrote in an email: "For the past five or six years, the homosexual agenda has been pushed down our throats. [The bank president and vice president] have initiated this agenda. This offends me as a Christian."

Haha, these people are always talking about things being pushed down their throats. Fantasizing much, guys? [One News Now via Wonkette operative "Eric G."]


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