'Mark Of The Beast' Worries Making Some Republicans Unsure About Voter ID

'Mark Of The Beast' Worries Making Some Republicans Unsure About Voter ID
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For years now, Republicans have been het up about Voter ID. For some this is because they recognize that poor people are less likely to have driver's licenses. For others, it is because they really did buy into all of the nonsense about widespread voter fraud and are convinced that voter ID is necessary to prevent people from just going and voting a million times under different names.

But as it turns out, not every conservative is into this idea, particularly those who suspect that driver's licenses just may be the Mark of the Beast. As it turns out, some members of Alabama GOP chair — and voter ID supporter — John Wahl's family are very concerned about this.

Including his very own brother.

Via Alabama.com:

His objection to voter ID, Joshua Wahl said, was that he believed all biometric identification, including photos that could be used for facial recognition programs, to be the mark of the beast foretold in Revelation.

“In particular, I object to the biometric nature of IDs in Alabama which started pursuant to the REAL ID Act,” Joshua Wahl testified. " And there’s a passage in Revelations 12 where it says that the forthcoming mark of the beast will be a number of a man. Biometrics by its nature is a number of a man. You know, that’s what makes me uncomfortable, and that goes against my convictions.”

Joshua Wahl also testified that he did not have a Social Security number.

I was skeptical on whether or not that was a thing, but Joshua Wahl is an Anabaptist and apparently they (and the Amish) can have a religious exemption from having a social security number.

I am on Wahl's side here. As ridiculous as I think his objections are, I don't think anyone should be disenfranchised, ever — and that's what voter ID does. It disenfranchises people. Everyone in America over the age of 18 has the right to vote and that should not be hindered, regardless of how many silly things they believe.

I gotta say though. The very concept of the Mark of the Beast makes no sense to me. Like, really? The guy in charge of Hell's big master plan is making people take his "mark" so they can buy and sell things? To what end? I can't see how this would be a particularly satisfying venture for an immortal being, particularly since everyone is already hep to this plan. Frankly, if I were the Queen of Hell, I would think it was way funnier to just watch these freaks scramble for centuries to avoid taking this mark. Like this guy who is like "Nope, can't get a driver's license because, 'Oh no!' It might be the Mark of the Beast."

That being said, I have actually been saying for years that we ought be pushing the idea that voter ID is some kind of Mark of the Beast nonsense, which is a far more effective way of attacking it than trying to tell conservatives "Hey, this shit is racist and classist." We should really be playing on their tendency to believe ridiculous things far more than we do.

For instance ... here is a picture of Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Dr. Oz with Marina Abramovic, a performance artist Republicans legitimately believe eats babies. (Marina Abramovic obviously does not eat babies)

If we have to live among people who insist upon believing ridiculous things — and unfortunately we do — we may as well figure out a way to use that to our advantage. So yes, drivers licenses and indeed all forms of photo ID are definitely the Mark of the Beast, and Satan gets very excited every time you use his or her special mark to buy booze or vote in a state like Alabama. So really, either good, God-fearing Christian conservatives should oppose voter ID, or they should refuse to vote at all. Because voting could also be the Mark of the Beast.

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