Voter Turnout High, White At RNC Secret Ballot Election


At least ONE RNC member will vote for Steele!

  • The 168 members of the Republican National Committee will cast their secret ballots today to decide who gets to be the next RNC Chair, and exit polls already suggest that Michael Steele lost by a million secret racial slurs. Will the white lady from Missouri win? Or maybe the white guy with the funny name? It's difficult to say, since all of the candidates who are not Michael Steele are white and love Ronald Reagan and machine gun deregulation. It's a win-win-win-win-Michael Steele loses! You can probably follow Michael Steele's Adventures in Unemployment at [AP/The Hill]

  • Are Italian authorities cracking down on Silvio Berlusconi's famous drug-fueled underage hooker potlucks? Some say yes, but Berlusconi says NO, NOT MY UNDERAGE HOOKERS! [The Guardian]

  • And here is a news article about sweet, sweet horse sex. Happy reading! [NYT]


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