Voters Prefer Presidents Who Don’t Get Captured By Coronavirus


It's been 84 years since the first and merciful-God-willing last presidential debate. Donald Trump was an absolute asshole, constantly interrupting and talking over Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace. This was apparently a performance worthy of The Bell Curve Hall of Fame, because conservative deep thinker Andrew Sullivan was scared ... while simultaneously wowed by President Ubermensch.


Polls taken after the debate showed that voters weren't as impressed as Sullivan was by Trump's bullying and senseless cruelty. They almost all believed Biden won the debate.

However, some feared Trump might turn things around after his COVID-19 diagnosis. He'd gain the sympathy vote! Biden pulled his negative ads, while Trump's campaign refused because no one who works for the president has a shred of human decency. This would surely hurt Uncle Joe's momentum.


Despite all the doom and gloom, this isn't Biden's first rodeo or even a rodeo at all. It's a presidential election that Biden's winning, and don't lecture me about how the polls don't matter and we need to act like we're 16 points behind. Sure, if we don't vote, then Biden doesn't win. I get it. Your graduate-level political science degrees really paid off. But it's Donald Trump who needs the motivational speeches, and I'm about to do the exact opposite.

CNN released a poll Tuesday that was devasting for the president and a source of delight for normal people. Biden was whooping Trump 57 to 41 percent.


Let's check out all the ways Trump's losing:

Likely voters are more apt to consider Biden the candidate who would unite the country (61% Biden to 33% Trump), who is honest and trustworthy (58% Biden to 33% Trump), who cares about people like you (58% Biden to 38% Trump), who has a clear plan to solve the nation's problems (55% to 39%) and who would keep Americans safe from harm (55% to 43%).

Although this is the first national CNN survey to report results among likely voters, a comparison of results among registered voters now to those from a survey about a month ago reveals Biden has made substantial gains in support among several key voting blocs.

Yes, it seems like Trump didn't win over voters with his belligerent “Try To Make Biden Stutter" strategy. His debate performance clearly hurt him.

Biden has expanded his edge over Trump among women, from 57% to 37% in September to 66% to 32% now. That shift includes substantial gains for Biden among white women with college degrees and women of color. Among people of color generally, Biden's advantage has increased from 59% to 31% in September to 69% to 27% now. The former vice president has also made gains among younger voters, moderates and independents over the last month.

Everyone hates Trump! It's like they met him or saw him on TV once.

President Pandemic's not doing much better in a new Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll taken after he tested positive for the coronavirus. The SOB's in free fall.

In two days of polling before Trump got COVID, the president trailed Biden by just a 46%-41% margin. In the three days of polling after the coronavirus diagnosis, Biden held a 55%-34% lead. That means Biden's lead grew by a whopping 16 points from pre-COVID to post-COVID.


These polling numbers are consistent with the theory that voters don't appreciate when presidents stick their privates into light sockets. We might feel bad for you but we don't want you running shit.

The pre- and post-COVID numbers average out to a 51 to 37 percent ass whooping. Walter Mondale's laughing at Trump.

The race could still tighten or at least return to pre-Trump-has-the-rona numbers, which were still bleak for him. However, the president is too stupid to help his case. The economy was his one area of relative strength against Biden, but he's killed stimulus negotiations. Now voters will blame him when they can't make rent.

Throughout the general election, Trump's numbers have hovered in the low-to-mid 40s like summer in San Francisco. Unlike 2016, there are fewer undecided voters for James Comey to nudge in his direction, and the third party cavalry isn't coming to save Trump's sorry ass in the swing states this time. If Biden keeps solidifying his lead, Trump is going to lose early and often on November 3.

[CNN /Boston Herald]

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