WA 'Pro-Choice Democrat' Decides He's Not Pro-Choice, Not A Democrat, IS A Total Jerk

WA 'Pro-Choice Democrat' Decides He's Not Pro-Choice, Not A Democrat, IS A Total Jerk

Meet Martin Moore, a nice pro-choice Democrat and member of the Federal Way City Council in Washington State. Except for how he's not pro-choice now, and he doesn't want to be a Democrat anymore, and oh, and he does not seem nice at all; he seems like a total 100 Percent Genuine Jerk Hole.

On Tuesday, Moore announced that he's quitting the Democratic Party to run in a special election for the state legislature to replace his former boss, Rep. Roger Freeman. A Democrat. Freeman died a week before the 2014 election but still managed to win, bestowing upon his Republican challenger the rare but not entirely unique title of Lost To A Dead Guy.

Moore used to be an aide to Freeman once upon a time, before he got all growed up and decided to run for City Council. As a Democrat. Who was pro-choice. No, really, he was. Or at least he said he was when the King County Democrats sent him a questionnaire to make sure he was a real Democrat who supported things like public workers' right to strike and equal pay for women and regulating greenhouse gases and repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and, oh yes, "women’s absolute right to reproductive freedom." And he did! Or at least he checked the little boxy thing that said yes, he did support all of those very Democratic principles and values, like A Good Democrat.

But that's all changed now, according to Moore's campaign site:

“Democrats have had a firm grip on Olympia for 30 years and what do we have to show for it? Declining wages, a court order to reform and fund our schools, crumbling roads and bridges, skyrocketing college tuition, and an inefficient and ineffective government,” Councilmember Moore said. “It has been the Republicans who have put the people – not special interests – first, and I look forward to partnering with voters in the 30th district to find solutions to our state’s dire problems. I believe our best hope for sustainable budgets and a renewed commitment to education and fighting for the most vulnerable is the Republicans’ reform agenda.

Wow, Democrats have really trashed the state, huh? Including his old friend and boss Rep. Freeman? Nah, Freeman's still cool, even if he's dead now. Freeman is still his bestest bud for life, the guy who taught him how to have those strong Democratic, er, Republican principles. Heck, BFF4Life Freeman would totally be rooting for Moore to take his seat, even though Moore up and decided he does not like his party -- and Freeman's party -- all of a sudden:

Councilmember Moore, who served as Rep. Freeman’s legislative assistant and advisor, will also run on the same themes that made Freeman a beloved and respected leader in the 30th district.

“The death of my friend and mentor, Rep. Roger Freeman, has left a large void in our region,” Moore said. “Roger and I shared a passion for civic duty. Olympia must protect our most vulnerable, provide world-class schools, and make our government more fiscally responsible and efficient. I look forward to continuing his legacy while working with my friends on both sides of the aisle to bring real results back to our community.”

Sure, he's going to run on "the same themes" that made Freeman -- who is his soulmate and inspiration, don't forget -- so popular. Except for how Freeman was a Democrat and probably wouldn't care much for Republicans blaming his party for all the bad things.

But, see, Freeman's dead so he can't say any of that now. We'll just have to take Moore's word for it, apparently. And Moore, well, it's not that he was pretending to be a pro-choice Democrat waaaaaaaay back in 2013. It's just that the Democratic Party has become unrecognizable in that whole year-and-a-half since he swore he was A Real Good Democrat:

Moore said he no longer felt welcome in his former party as a “pro-life” Democrat opposed to abortion.

“The party has become so incredibly intolerant of people who might disagree with them on some issues,” Moore said in an interview. “The party has shifted enormously, and it’s gone to the far left.”

Aw, shucks, too bad he feels all ostracized by his, ahem, former political party ever since he decided to straight-up reverse all those values he claimed to have, which he learned from, and still shares with, his spirit guide Rep. Freeman, may he rest in peace, but preferably after he endorsed Moore from the grave.

In case you were wondering if this Moore guy could be even more despicable, the answer is "Of course!" Because it turns out the whole reason Moore has decided he is a "pro-life" Republican who is so "ugh" about Democrats all of a sudden is -- and brace yourselves, because this is so super ewwww gross -- he had a come-to-GOP-Jesus moment at the dying-of-cancer deathbed of, yes, Rep. Freeman.

Moore said held Freeman’s hand as he told him he now agreed with him about the sanctity of life. He said Freeman squeezed his hand in response. Freeman died the next day.

Freeman squeezed his hand; that's sort of like an endorsement, isn't it? So it's only fair to conclude that Freeman would want a turncoat back-stabbing party-switcher to hold his seat in the state legislature, from which he can better bad-mouth the Democratic Party he used to serve.

That's just so obvious, right? Freeman would probably tell you himself, if he were here, but since he's not, we'll just have to take Moore's word for it.

[Martin Moore campaign website/Seattle Times/Seattle Times]


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