Walmart Canned Food Drive For Its Own Employees Hits Alice Walton Right Where She Lives

Walmart Canned Food Drive For Its Own Employees Hits Alice Walton Right Where She Lives

It's that time of year again when the the magnanimous folks at Walmart ask the company's hard-working employees to dig deep into their low-wage pockets to give, give, give to each other, on account of how hard-working employees of Walmart can't even afford to eat that bargain Walmart food on their Walmart wages.

An Oklahoma City Walmart is asking employees to donate food to help their coworkers make ends meet during the holiday season, according to a photo posted by the labor-backed coalition Making Change At Walmart. A sign on the collection bin reads, “Let’s succeed by donating to associates in need!!!”

This is not a new practice; in fact, it's become an annual tradition. In 2013, the same thing happened at a Walmart store in Canton, Ohio, where Walmart is very proud of itself for showing just how caring its community is -- or, as one employee of the store called it, "demoralizing" and "kind of depressing," which is basically the same thing. That's one heck of a tradition, isn't it? Depressing and demoralizing your workers, in the spirt of the season. Traditions sure are nice, aren't they? Like the Walmart tradition of employees living in poverty while the company's CEO makes more money in ONE HOUR than his little worker bees make in an entire year. That's the kind of thing you want to pass down to future generations. Along with those charitable cans of cranberry sauce.

Of course Walmart, in typical fashion, has a perfectly good defense of its employee-organized holiday food drives for employees, at least in the case of the food drive in Oklahoma, which is that the employees started it. The powers that be, in other words, had no intention of giving a damn about whether its workers could afford to eat for the holidays, but gosh, you gotta love how good and kind and caring its underpaid workers are abut their fellow underpaid workers, huh? Really gives you hot cockle feels.

You also gotta love the smart ass who decided to make a pointedly pointed point by expanding the food drive for Walmart workers throughout the country -- and right to the doorstep of Alice Walton, one of the richer-than-god heirs of St. Sam Walton:

Maybe Alice Walton can ask Jeeves to drop in a can of creamed corn for her while she's busy looking at pretty art at the Crystal Bridges museum, which was funded by a $675 million Wal-Mart endowment because what else is the company going to do with all its extra laying-around-doing-nothing money -- pay its employees so they don't have to go dumpster diving for Thanksgiving? Hahaha, don't be ridiculous.

[ThinkProgress/Forbes h/t Wonkette tipster Anna]


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