Walmart Knows Where It Wants Trans Folks To Make Toilet, But Shhhhhh, It's A Secret!

This image will make you have to pee.

You all know about the thing at your local Ter-get, where transgender people are allowed to do their bathroom absolutely anywhere they see fit, be it in the ladies' room with OUR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS, or at the food counter by the giant soft pretzels, or at customer service. Really, wherever. It's the law, at Target.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]And crazy, delusional people are going there and screaming about how the store's bathroom policy is tantamount to opening the seventh seal in the book of Revelation, blah blah blah, STFU. Oh, and there is a boycott! But, sadface, it hasn't really had an impact on the company's bottom line, because American Family Association boycotts always fail.

So you might have wondered, "But what if I am a trans person and every Target store in a three-state area is closed, and I am forced to suffer the tomfoolery, jackassery and redneck-itude of darkening the doors of a Walmart, with those people?" Well! The good news is that we think you can make toilet at the Walmart. The bad news is that the store won't say where:

The Arkansas-based corporation repeatedly refused to reveal its stance about transgender bathroom use for its shoppers and employees, despite requests by the Daily News every day for the past week. [...]

Walmart's silence puts it in stark contrast with one of its biggest competitors, Target, which emphatically stated last month it supports the right of transgender shoppers and workers to use whichever bathroom they choose.

Walmart! You guys need to stop being pussies, do you hear us? You were more than happy to stand up to Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson last year, when the state was trying to pass one of them fucked up "religious freedom" bills, which forced the Arkansas legislature to pass a watered down version that didn't discriminate against the gaysexuals.

And now you can't even be bothered to say, "Yes, transgender people, we see you, and that you have to drop a deuce like RIGHT NOW. You go to the bathroom that makes you happy and drop the kids off at the pool!" Don't you think you, as Walmart, the biggest store in the whole entire universe, could help things along if you said something like that? We promise the sister-tonguing Bible beaters who make up your core clientele wouldn't really stop shopping there. You are their meth and their crack and their "Game Of Thrones," all at once. They might say they're boycotting, but where the fuck would they get their "Duck Dynasty" memorabilia if they did? Please.

Conversely, Walmart, you could say, "Oh no, we are scared of the transgender folk, they must take all their leaks at home and NOT AT WALMART!" You would be assholes if you said that, and hordes of wingnut Christians who already live and breathe your trash fire of a store would pledge to support Walmart by ... continuing to shop at Walmart just like they already did.

Regardless, keeping your lips zipped on this is not good. These people agree:

"Walmart's silence on this is more than just silence. It's giving bigotry a free pass," said Jessica Levin, communications director for the advocacy group Making Change at Walmart.

"It's the number one retailer in the country and it could set the standard for what other retailers do."

Kevin Costello, a New Jersey civil rights lawyer who represented a transgender woman in a case against Walmart, called the company's silence "disturbing."

"It's disturbing because it's an easy answer," he said.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]And it's not like Walmart doesn't have a dog in this fight. Remember that story we told you about Aimee Toms, the spritely short-haired girl who got harassed in a Walmart restroom, under suspicion of being a man in the ladies' room? Remember how this is happening at LOTS of places, and not just at your local Target?

Toms commented to the New York Daily News about Walmart's deafening silence:

"Walmart is damned whether they do or they don't," Toms told the News.

"If they speak out, depending on which position they take, they'll either have supporters or nay-sayers boycotting and signing petitions."

She's right, it will create a ruckus. And Walmart, as the hugest behemoth retailer in the known galaxy, should have the stones (and the PR department) to withstand that.

And why? Because it is a known science fact that every 48 seconds in America, a trans person is forced to choose between Everyday Low Prices and answering the call of nature to see a man about a horse. It says it right here on this meme we made up:

Do the right thing, Walmart. PFFFFFT, as if you even know how.

[New York Daily News]

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