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This is a terrific story, starting with the white suburban women doing Indivisible and moving on to the young people of color doing amazingly creative voter reg and engagement. It is worth your time for you to CLICK.

Black Voters Matter, a regional network engaging rural black communities in the South, instructs volunteers to knock on every door on the block, not just the ones on the walk list, and bring up local issues rather than stump for a particular candidate. When organizers learned that black parents in Pensacola, Fla., were angry about the lack of minority representation on local school boards, Black Voters Matter urged voters to the polls. Black turnout in the Democratic gubernatorial primary helped deliver the party's nomination to Andrew Gillum, who may become Florida's first black governor. "Once you can get them to turn out, they'll vote for Gillum," says Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter. "But the thing that got them to show up is those local issues."

Sometimes getting attention requires getting creative. Jolt organized a quinceañera at the Texas capitol building in Austin to protest a state immigration law, and has spent the past year hosting monthly parties featuring traditional Latin American food to register Latino students to vote. The goal is to reach people like 21-year-old Henry Aguirre, who was parked near the tacos at the Jolt party in Dallas. Aguirre didn't vote in the 2016 election. Now he's trying to atone for his apathy, registering more than 100 voters since Labor Day. "I feel like I wasn't completely living up to being an American," he says, "because I wasn't voting."

You can donate to Black Voters Matter here and Jolt here. Don't worry about the VoteGoat, Tom Steyer's picked up the tab for that one. And as always, you can click the handy donation widget RIGHT HERE to throw money at the world's greatest website, Wonkette.com. (We are probably just going to send it on to Black Voters Matter or Jolt, or maybe we will use it for nice wine, there is just no way to know.)

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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