WaPo's Jennifer Rubin Examines President's Lateness, Heroically Refrains From Concluding 'Because He Is Black'


Jennifer Rubin has used her prime journalistic real estate at the Washington Post to examine the top crisis US America faces today:the president is, to all his events, an average of 11 minutes late. Perhaps you too have noticed that one "President" Obama is late a lot. Did you know it is because he is passive-aggressive, thinks he is better than us, disdains candor and openness, has an office staffed with flunkies, cronies, and Valerie Jarrett, is the king, is bad at giving speeches, and is angry, defensive, evasive, and rude? Well now you do, because Jennifer Rubin says so.

Cool column, Jennifer Rubin!

The Post documents what anyone following President Obama’s speeches and press conferences knows: He is really late. A lot. “Obama has been a cumulative 2,121 minutes late to events in 2014. That’s 35 hours, 21 minutes — or almost a day and a half — that his audiences have been waiting for him to speak.” On average, that is only 11 minutes per event, but in some cases (for his Wednesday afternoon press conference, for example) he can be an hour late. (George W. Bush was famously punctual.)

You guys, say what you like about George W. Bush, but the Bush Train, it ran on time!

We're actually surprised B. Barry is only an average of 11 minutes late, because we have definitely watched MSNBC try to fill and stretch while waiting like two hours for him to slouch around the podium droppin' his g's like a common not-white.



Rebecca Schoenkopf

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