Washington GOP Senate Candidate F-Bombs Reporter For Asking Questions About The News

Washington GOP Senate Candidate F-Bombs Reporter For Asking Questions About The News

It can be difficult to run for Senate. Your Wonkette knows; we haven't done it many times because of how difficult it is. Michael Baumgartner, though, is running for Senate against Maria Cantwell, and was righteously pissed off because a reporter asked him questions that weren't on his agenda, and so responded thoughtfully about the issues of the day. By telling the reporter to go fuck himself.

Feit published the e-mail Tuesday on his politics blog, PubliCola. He said he interviewed Baumgartner,  a state senator running against Democrat Sen. Maria Cantwell, Monday to get his take on the political news of the day: comments made by U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, R-Missouri, about rape and pregnancy. During the interview, Baumgartner expressed frustration that social issues were getting so much attention, while his biggest issue, ending the war in Afghanistan, was not.

Then, at 10:45 p.m. Monday, Baumgartner e-mailed Feit a photo of himself and a Navy SEAL, Pat Feeks, who died recently in Afghanistan. “Take a good look and then go (expletive)  yourself,” Baumgartner wrote.

In an interview Tuesday, Baumgartner confirmed he sent the e-mail and said it was part of a larger conversation, which he would not describe. “It was sent from my personal e-mail. It was a personal comment to Josh,” he said.

Who doesn't e-mail "personal" comments berating reporters following interviews? And what sort of traitor commie libtard reporter would reveal the very private and personal fuck yous of important candidates who think about the issues and love the troops like their own children?

Speaking of loving children, Baumgartner, who would like to talk about the issues in his race, did this:

Baumgartner apologized several months ago for going after Cantwell for being unmarried, saying she ”frequently voted to undermine the role of parents in child-rearing.”

Presumably, he sent her a picture of a baby and told her to go fuck herself until she could have one, because he is a Republican running for office and unaware of how vaginas work.

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