Washington Times: Hillary Clinton Worships Baal Or Zuul Or The Mighty Favog, Probably

This is encouraging! For all of us who wondered how we'll ever get along come 2017, when a new president means we'll be starved of "Obama is a muslin" stories, Washington Times columnist Robert Knight is auditioning a new possibility: Maybe Hillary Clinton worships Baal, a generic name for any one of several local deities that the Old Testament had no use for. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) You know, because 'bortion. Or birth control that people are sure is 'bortion even if it isn't.

You see, Hillz went and said that the Hobby Lobby decision was anti-ladyparts, and indeed, anti-lady, which to Knight is pretty much all the evidence you need that in reality, far from supporting the separation of church and state, or more accurately for the Hobby Lobby case, separation of church and corporation and state, Hillary actually

has no problem with corporate, religious-inspired activity, providing it reflects the religious sensibilities of the priests of Baal or the rulers of Sodom and Gomorrah.

You see, Clinton's real problem is that she can't stand Hobby Lobby for opposing "the quasi-religious culture of death" that a lot of her liberal friends in corporate leadership have been forcing oppressed Christian employees to support:

Hapless employees have by association aided and abetted Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda as well as homosexual activism, both of which are anathema to devout Christians and Jews. A number of large corporations have been up to their ears selling hard-core, illegal pornography. The willful embrace of immorality is as clearly a decision with religious significance as is willful adherence to God-given natural law.

We're not sure which corporations have been up to their ears in porn besides Mitt Romney's Marriott; in Knight's view, it's probably any hotel chain that has a pay-per-view option. We have a feeling he's got a pretty generous definition of "hardcore pornography."

Also Hillary Clinton is just another Barack Obama, because blah-blah-blah Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, "5 years of ripping apart the Constitution," the "government takeover of healthcare," "sexual anarchy," open borders, and the "criminal misuse of the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies to try to crush political opponents."

Sorry, dude, you forgot Benghazi, so YOU LOSE.

Now, get back to the Baal stuff -- that at least was kind of original.

[Washington Times via RightWingWatch]

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