Meet Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who traded the second "l" in her first name for the magical ability to never accept the premise of any question asked by a member of the Liberal Media. Hayes asks her if she agrees that SuperFreedom CowActivist Cliven Bundy is in violation of the law and owes a million dollars in grazing fees, and so of course, rather than address whether Bundy's a lawbreaker, Fiore focuses in on the amount of the fees, because no one on "Harry Reid's side" has ever shown us the bill. (Just like the birth certificate!!!!)  "No one's seen it, the media's goin' crazy. If he owes the bill, he's willing to pay it, he has said that." Which, you know, is sort of what we in the Far Left Big Government-Loving Establishment might call a "baldfaced lie." Then Hayes points out that Cliven Bundy has said that he doesn't even recognize the authority of the government to bill him, and asks Fiore, "Do you agree with that stance? Do you recognize the authority of the federal government?" What a biased, left-wing question, clearly designed to trap a freedom-loving Patriot in a logic pretzel! And so Fiore answers the question she'd far rather address:

I recognize our federal government overstepped and overreached in our state of Nevada, that's what I recognize. I recognize we have a lot of issues to conclude ... I'm recognizing what I've seen. This is my sixth day on the ground here in Bunkerville, and I'm recognizing that this was handled totally incompetent; I'm questioning the BLM and I'm also going to request either a resignation or termination of the person that had ordered this to be done.

Nicely derped! And for this performance, wingnut blogs are praising her insistence on "driv[ing]the conversation back to a few key points like a jackhammer."

After Hayes asks that terribly loaded question about whether she recognizes the authority of the federal government again, Fiore "answers,"

Fiore: "Oh, I recognize the authority that they believe they have, I just question it."

Hayes: “So you agree with Cliven Bundy, you agree that the federal government does not have authority over the land?”

Fiore: “Nope, I’m not saying I agree. No -- Chris, don’t put words in my mouth! I’m not saying I agree with Cliven Bundy. What I’m saying is the way this was handled is really suspicious. When in the heck do we send our federal government with arms to collect a bill? When do we do that? When have we ever done that?”

After the bit with Fiore, Hayes's next guest, Mark Potok from the Southern Poverty Law Center, points out that Hayes probably should have mentioned that there are actually quite a few people sitting in jail for not paying their taxes. Maybe he should have added that when they were arrested, it's pretty likely that the law enforcement officers who performed the arrests were armed, just maybe. Similarly, Tommy Christopher at the Daily Banter notes that the goal wasn't to collect a bill, it was to seize cattle that were grazing illegally, and yes, when an eviction is served just about anywhere in America,  "armed sheriffs show up to evict you, and lots of them show up if you’ve let them know to expect trouble."

Best part of the interview: within a minute or so of complaining that Hayes was putting words in her mouth, Fiore launches into a nonsensical accusation that, with an offhand remark, Hayes justified the (alleged) killing of some of Bundy's cattle because they'd eventually be slaughtered anyway. It is almost too goofy to believe.

Among other fascinating points that Fiore makes is her kind of sedition-y assertion that the federal government shouldn't "come here with guns and expect the American people not to fire back.” It's not quite up there with G. Gordon Liddy's urging Patriots to take "head shots! Head shots!" at federal agents, since they wear bullet-proof vests, but it's close.

Pro-scofflaw blogger Caleb Howe at The Right Scoop ate it up, exclaiming that "Fiore reminds us why we love TV":

Fiore for the win! The Assemblywoman is feisty, unflappable, stays on message, goes at Hayes hard, and comes out looking great. A terrific segment and a good interview by Hayes, amazingly enough. The best part was when she left him flat-footed right at the end after catching him with the slaughter question. Although Hayes salvages the moment for himself with the barbecue crack. You can agree or disagree with Bundy or Fiore all you want, but that is how you handle a hostile interview.

Someone call Michele Fiore and tell her to seek higher office immediately.

OK, now that's definitely something we can agree with. She'll make a terrific candidate for federal office, once she decides whether or not she thinks U.S. America actually has a meaningful federal government.

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